Seedling sword-play

Seedling sword-play

The eternal question as among professionals, and amateur gardeners is sword-play of seedling. Whether it is worth diving young sprouts if it leads to stress of the plant? Or to give the chance to grow willfully, without interfering with the vital processes? How this procedure or its absence is reflected in future harvest?

1. Sword-play call change of small seedling in more spacious single pots. It is not transfer with earth lump from one pot in another, namely the procedure when the sprout is gently pulled out from the lump of seedling and is put separately. Often at sword-play prishchipyvat tip of the main root. It forces it to expand in breadth.

2. Dive of seedlings quite stressful procedure because at the same time we interfere with life cycles of growth and development. Therefore many think and whether this procedure is so necessary. It for week slows down growth of plants, sometimes at all kills them.

3. The purpose of sword-play is the choice of strong plants which will grow to fructification. Weak sprouts ruthlessly are thrown out or distributed the acquaintance. Therefore gardeners advise to plant more seeds that was from what to choose. If seeds rare and in small amount, then it is better to plant them at once separately to do without sword-play.

4. Practically all cultures dive. But there are such plants which postpone this procedure hard or at all perish. To it it is possible to carry squash, cucumbers, pumpkin, eggplants. They are put most often at once to the greenhouse – in warm areas. And in colder – seedling, but in 3-4 weeks prior to carrying out on the constant place. Sow in constant glasses or peat pots at once that when landing on the street to keep earth lump.

5. After the correct sword-play the sapling grows stronger, the root system branches and, thereby, the strong bush grows. It belongs, for example, to tomatoes. Them dive always, it is frequent to the first real leaves. The earlier the procedure of sword-play is carried out, the it will be for sapling less painful. But usually advise it to do after emergence of the first real leaves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team