Selection of curtain for kitchen with balcony door

Selection of curtain for kitchen with balcony door

Equipment of kitchen space balcony, is very successful architectural concept, the kitchen serves in modern apartments not only for cooking and food, it becomes frequent the peculiar center uniting all family. Special requirements are imposed to the choice of the curtains decorating kitchen balcony.

The interior of kitchen has to be convenient, functional, and, besides be pleasing to the eye. Many people traditionally gather at kitchen table during family lunches, sit-round gathering with friends, festive feasts, so, this space has to be cozy and esthetically attractive. Registration by curtains – touch-up of any repair, without it the room will not look finished.

Curtains have to maintain the main style of this room, to be sustained in the same tones, as furniture or floor covering. The drawing or its absence need to be selected so that they were in harmony with wall-paper and tile.

To kitchen curtains are shown as well special requirements: they have to be strong, it is easy to wash off, material has to have resistance to ultraviolet rays, high humidity and strong temperature drops.

Curtains for kitchen window with balcony door have to be designed besides so that did not prevent free opening and closing of door, provided easy access on balcony and did not cling to windowsill.

To find the clothes for window meeting all these requirements happens very not simply. Take advice of experienced selling assistants, look at variations of various curtains on photo in catalogs and fashionable magazines, be not afraid to experiment and recede from traditional options of registration, it will help you to create the unique kitchen.

Vertical blinds

This option looks stylish and is practical, blinds easily wash, serve long and have the convenient mechanism allowing quickly and just to open them.

It is possible to put model which is removed from different sides, releasing either balcony door, or window.

Even if you have touched blinds with open window leaf or door, it is not terrible. Fastening is very reliable, it from your careless actions will not break.

Rolled curtains

It too quite suitable registration for kitchen window with balcony door. In folded state such curtains are reliably packed into compact box of aluminum or plastic which is located under ceiling. By means of the special lever the cloth of curtains can be lowered at different length according to your desire.

It will be more convenient to strengthen two rolled curtains of identical color, one on window, and another on balcony door, then you will be able to darken and light different sites of kitchen and also to open balcony at the closed curtain at window.

At production of material the most modern technologies allowing fabric are applied to curtains of this and previous type to push away dirt and dust. Besides, variety of flowers and drawings of this matter will help to pick up harmonious option for any style and interior.

Easy curtains

If all of you have decided to stop on more traditional fabric registration, consider the possibility to be limited to easy curtains without curtains in general. Get two narrow curtains and arrange them on the parties of window on convenient eaves with fastenings which easily move. If desired these blinds can be made gathers and fixed by laces on the parties. Experiment a little with width of material and its arrangement that such drapery did not prevent to close and open window and balcony door.

Sometimes beautifully asymmetric curtains look: short to windowsill over window and long in floor from balcony.

As for matter, it is desirable to choose natural linen, cotton and other light fabrics. By the way curtains can quite be translucent, they are well capable to scatter light, protecting the hostess from bright sunshine, and at the same time do not interfere with good day lighting that happens very important, availability of balcony strongly darkens the room, and the daylight is more preferable than bulbs to health of eyes. The fact that to natural fabrics fat, dust and dirt quickly sticks can be considered as lack of such registration, so, it is necessary to change them rather often. Color of curtains is selected under the main parts of interior, but nevertheless it is desirable to avoid too dark tones.

Tulle for kitchen window with balcony

It is possible and vice versa, instead of curtains to hang up one tulle. It does not make heavier space, creates feeling of ease and lightness. The fact that tulle is easily and just erased in the machine belongs to undoubted advantages of this type of registration, maintains big temperature drops and does not absorb moisture. But there are nuances. The short curtain to windowsill cannot be used as the lower part of balcony door will look very inaccurately. One wide curtain is not recommended to be hung up too as even at very free movement on curtain it will limit opening of balcony door. Stop better on slightly gathered two tulle curtains with not striking drawing - it is optimal variant in this case. Only make sure that the plate is at sufficient distance from window as tulle curtains easily ignite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team