Self-propelled lawn-mower: care of beauty of the site

Self-propelled lawn-mower: care of beauty of the site

The lawn-mower is called the tool intended for grass podstriganiye in those places where the equal well-groomed lawn is necessary: on personal plots, in the gardens or the park. If the site of bevelling absolutely small, then you can quite manage ordinary braid, but process the average and big size of the area without lawn-mower it will not turn out any more.

As covering on beautiful lawns the grass is used, and it all has to be low and one size. Such result can achieve by means of the lawn-mower as in it bevelling height is set. The site processed by braid or the trimmer will not be cut rather evenly. Besides, it is very simple to use this device, any person can master it even if earlier it had not to mow grass, and quickly - in one hour you will cope with work for which when using braid the whole day will leave.

Also the weight of braid or the trimmer gives load directly of hands because of what it is possible to be tired quickly whereas the lawn-mower has wheels thanks to what the owner needs only to direct its movement.

There is also one more advantage: the majority of modern lawn-mowers have special bag for collecting mowed grass, and you should not rake up it rake.

It is possible to carry to shortcomings of such machine that to cut edges of lawn, sites near trees and bushes it will be very difficult and also the fact that it is possible to use it only on rather flat sites without holes, stones and high rises.

Classification of lawn-mowers

On way of power supply all lawn-mowers are divided into mechanical, electric and petrol. Mechanical lawn-mowers – the most silent of all existing models, they do not need in any power supply, except efforts of the owner. The device provides high quality of hairstyle, it rather simple and convenient in use, but demands efforts considerable, especially if grass wet or high. It is applied generally to lawns with small area. Electric lawn-mowers enjoy wide popularity thanks to the low cost and very high quality of work. However, their opportunities in the majority are limited to availability of cable which has certain length and can get confused if to mow the site with bushes, beds, outdoor constructions and other obstacles. It is necessary to watch that knives did not cut wire during turn also. Advantages of this model in small amount and weight and also ease of leaving.

Recently in the market lawn-mowers with accumulators have appeared. Them so far only several types, are also issued they only several firms. However they have maneuverability and are suitable even for sites with lack of electricity.

Petrol lawn-mowers – the most powerful of all provided models, they provide the maximum freedom of travel and are used for work in the biggest squares. Only you remember that such tool does not suit for surfaces with big bias. If the tilt angle exceeds the maximum opportunity for this model, the motor will just decay. On way of movement of the lawn-mower are divided into self-propelled and non-self-propelled. In the first case the mower moves itself at the expense of the motor, the owner needs only to send it to the necessary party. In the second case the motor is responsible only for rotation of knives therefore you should push the device. When choosing the necessary model of the lawn-mower pay attention to its parameters and also read responses at forums on the Internet about different firms and models.

Parameters of self-propelled lawn-mowers

Self-propelled lawn-mowers are intended for processing of the big areas therefore pay attention to bevelling width. It depends on the size of knives and varies on average from 30 to 56 centimeters. If the site equal with square edges, it is possible to choose model with the widest strip and if it is necessary to bend around bush, borders, to cut path between beds, then, perhaps, the small machine will suit you better. A lot of things also depend on power. In high and rigid grass the petrol lawn-mower with low power will just decay, and the motor of electric can fuse easily if it is not equipped with special protection. Big power is necessary as well for the big areas. Durability of the device depends generally on material of which the body is manufactured. Usually it happens metal or plastic. The plastic sound board is more subject to mechanical damages because of the flying branches and stones which have accidentally appeared on the site. For metal it is necessary to look after carefully that rust from hit of dew and grass juice has not appeared. Do not forget also about such important parameter as operating mode. This characteristic is responsible generally for what will happen to mowed grass. The lawn-mower can just reject waste back or aside, then it is necessary then to rake up them rake and to remove. Availability of the grass collector means that the mower is supplied with special container which collects mowed grass. They are several types: it is easier to clean and wash plastic capacity, hay is well packed into it, but the bag from fabric takes less places, it easier also does not increase vibration. Mulching. This characteristic allows to crush the cut-off grass thanks to what it evenly covers lawn, without worsening its exterior, and becomes eco-friendly quality fertilizer.

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