Several councils how to make the greenhouse ready for the winter

Several councils how to make the greenhouse ready for the winter

Time of harvesting has come to end - it is time to prepare the greenhouse for wintering. It is necessary to remove, exempt in the greenhouse it from the remains of vegetation, podvyazochny materials that in it nothing remained.


1. Clean the greenhouse from the vegetation remains. That diseases from the previous plants have not passed to new, soil needs to be dug over and at the same time to remove the remains of roots.

2. It is necessary to carry out disinfection. By means of sulfuric checkers it is necessary to destroy fungi, mold, ticks and other insects. During the work with checkers it is necessary to work in respirator and gloves. Checkers should be placed on all greenhouse and to set fire. Fumigating is carried out at +15 degrees and then the greenhouse does not open within 5 days. Metal parts of the greenhouse need to be processed boiled water.

3. It is necessary to remove 10 centimeters of the top soil and to take out it from the greenhouse. Add fresh soil and dig over. It is recommended to change each 5 years the earth in the greenhouse.

4. The dug-over land needs to be cultivated solution of copper vitriol, at the same time everything needs to be done in gloves. Then to add sawdust, fertilizer and to mix properly.

5. In case the greenhouse glass, then glasses need to be washed soapsuds, or special means. It would be good to wipe glasses with solution of manganese and to carry out sealing by putty.

6. To keep film, the period is better to remove it on winter, so it will not be damaged by cold and wind. The film needs to be washed properly with soap solution and to process vitriol solution. Then accurately to contract and keep in the room.

7. Frameworks of the greenhouse need to be processed boiled water and to whitewash lime.

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