Shod grids: protection against thieves or decor element?

Shod grids: protection against thieves or decor element?

The answer for everyone the. If earlier such products could be noticed only at windows of the first floors, then now decorate with shod grids doors and gate. And the flower bed from the decorated metal on upper floors surprises nobody any more. The product was pleasant? Buy and do not think of prejudices.

Shod or welded grids?

Externally they a little in what differ. Just in the first case, at all stages there is handwork therefore the author's exclusive product as a result turns out. Masters create on grids openwork patterns, flower petals and various weaving. It is almost impossible to find two identical grids, resembles, but identical is not present.

It is possible to order grids according to the sketch or to buy product from the catalog. The master will execute the order taking into account all set parameters. Products can be the different height, width. As a rule, after forging, metal is coated. It is necessary not just in the decorative purposes, but also for improvement of characteristics of operation.

Shod grid:

  • ideally repeats semicircular form of window;
  • esthetically looks as flower bed on the ancient building;
  • can repeat the drawing of weaving of iron balcony;
  • does not spoil the overview from window;
  • decorates exterior. ​

Functional features

The shod product can serve as gate. Now more often owners of country cottages resort to such design decision. The grid visually broadens the territory, in volume time as standard metal gate create feeling of box. In production strong metal, good fixtures is used therefore besides decor is also reliable protection against burglars. Especially, it is possible to order high shod grids for doors, gate which are just physically unreal to be overcome without key.

What do do shod grids of?

Any metal which is subject to forging can become raw materials for production of grids. But, most often use iron rod with square section. It is well forged, has not bad proved in operation, and its cost available. Less often masters work with copper and brass. In the course of work with them there are no problems, but their prime cost leaves much to be desired. At the product exit from brass, copper cost very much therefore it is difficult to find the buyer. As the individual order any master will effectively carry out the task set for it.

Work subtleties

Producers of shod grids prefer to use for creation of one product several rods, different in thickness, at once. It allows to create more volume pattern of weaving. Different thickness, options of weaving and addition of round rods will help to create really unique product.

Masters have separated the works according to styles and today in catalogs there are shod grids in such variations:

  • the Greek;
  • classical;
  • Gothic;
  • modernist style;

On windows the shod grids are most often mounted in window aperture that looks good visually and reliably protects. The grid fastens to walls of the house or fence by means of welding. There are still so-called laid on grids. To fix them quicker, but they here protect many times worse. In wall openings become, there then insert anchor and by means of cement slurry assembly elements of shod grid are fixed. Further by means of the same welding the grid fastens. If desired, the design can be cut off. Therefore if the grid intends in the protective, but not decorative purposes, it is better to give preference to the first mounting mode.

The shod grid will make even the most sad building interesting. Many options weaving, thickness and heights allow to choose easily product according to the interests.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team