Shower cabin in bathroom interior

Shower cabin in bathroom interior

The modern design interior of the bathroom represents real or visual scope and also the most comfortable and conveniently equipped area. The most optimal solution for the small bathing room is installation of shower cabin which will allow to save space.

Having established shower cabin, you will be able to make a lot of room, before blocked up with the traditional horizontal bathroom.

We choose shower cabin

The spacious bathroom gives the chance to arrange shower cabin in any convenient location, having chosen instead of usual rounded or rectangular shape original prismatic. It will be also favorable to look shower cabin with the glass door which is not reaching ceiling. Not less beautifully cabins with the exclusive design finishing giving to purely functional subject magnificent esthetic view look.

The minimum width of modern shower cabin is 70 centimeters, and the minimum length – 80 centimeters. It allows to establish it even in the smallest bathroom.

The small bathroom demands the most correct use of each its centimeter therefore for small bathrooms it is desirable to choose shower cabin of rounded shape. Thanks to its smoothed and smooth geometry the room will gain harmony and comfortableness, without having lost at the same time spaciousness.

Advantages of shower cabins

Having given preference to light finishing materials, abundance of mirrors and transparent shutters of shower cabin, it is possible to expand significantly space of the bathroom and to create in it the atmosphere of ease and lightness. As a result, will make all procedures in such room much more pleasantly.

It is possible to connect Baroque style to shower boxing, having chosen as the main color scheme bronze or gilding.

Shower cabins with deep pallets, despite the visual bulkiness, are quite functional. So, they can be used as mini-bathtubs when bathing small children, for soaking of linen or other domestic needs. Assembly of such cabin does not demand services of the highly qualified specialist that is pleasant bonus at its acquisition. In general, similar models are considered as more convenient, though are not capable to replace full-fledged deep bathrooms. Boxes without pallet look stylish and originally. Such models are the most suitable for small bathrooms, continuing themselves uniform space of the room. The basis of these shower cabins at installation gives all the best material, to similar half of the bathroom. It is possible to allocate this part of interior, having imposed it with wall tile of other color or texture. Such decision will become very original and stylish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team