Siding under stone: 3 views

Siding under stone: 3 views

Siding – material, strong and resistant to harmful effects of the environment, which is used for facing home. The siding under stone resembles natural stone, its color and texture superficially.

Siding under stone: features and advantages

The siding under stone represents the panels made of plastic. The design is made in the form of stamped form of different types of natural stone. Material is applied to front facing of owner-occupied dwellings of any type. It is easily mounted on furring which can be established on brick or stone wall and also on wooden blank.

The siding is popular construction material thanks to the wide range of coloring, resistance to cold and heat, durability. It is not subject to corrosion and will serve long, without having lost the properties.

The siding is mounted easier, than natural stone which requires the strong bearing basis. With natural material it is necessary to prepare wall surface at first: to plaster and reinforce it as the basis should bear on itself the weight of stone and cement glue structure. Plastic panels weigh much less therefore can be established without preparation.

Among the main advantages of siding under stone:

  • Small weight;
  • Easy installation on any basis which does not demand preparation;
  • Simple and fast mounting;
  • Is suitable for any weather patterns, both for heat, and for frosts;
  • Long term of operation.

Under stone it is possible to refer exterior which concedes to natural materials to shortcomings of plastic panels. Nevertheless, producers offer wide choice of the siding executed in different designs. The most part of siding is made or polyurethane which is cast in special form for drawing the drawing. Therefore the pattern often is same.

Installation of siding

Before mounting panels on walls, it is necessary to establish framework. Further process happens rather simply: blocks are issued in the form of the parts supplementing each other which are equipped with grooves with latches. Therefore the siding by the principle of the ordinary designer gathers.

It is slightly more difficult to fix panels on framework. Fastening happens by means of fixing parts (screws self-tapping screws to galvanized covering, dowels or nails). It is necessary to work accurately, it is correct to enter the self-tapping screw, otherwise it is possible will damage the panel, to make crack because of which it is necessary to change siding for new.

Panels of the different sizes are issued. The they it is more, the quicker there will take place mounting. It is also important to check what protective layer is used for final covering of material. Resistance of wainscots to cold, heat and influence of the sun will depend on its structure.

Choosing construction material, it is necessary to examine panel cut also attentively. Especially it is important upon purchase of vinyl siding under stone. The cut has to be identical on thickness, regardless of party and article number.

The siding can be also used for facing of the base. In that case furring for panels has to be made of metal section with galvanized covering to avoid premature destruction during the floodings and increase in level of underground water. The wooden blank needs to be processed anti-septic tank from insects.

Vinyl siding

Such wainscots are made of PVC. Their surface is smooth or textural. Models with unary and double profile are produced, thickness is equal to about 1.1 mm. Despite this, the vinyl siding differs in durability and firmness.

From PVC it is easy for panel to transport in the car thanks to small weight. It has properties of dielectric and low heat conductivity thanks to what keeps heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

The design of modern vinyl siding repeats exterior of natural materials. At the same time it has all advantages of artificial face slabs: it is not subject to biological influence, does not burn, and melts at fire exposure, without emitting at the same time toxic substances in the atmosphere. To material the fungus, mold and insects are not terrible.

Panels are easily cleaned with normal water, without application of additional cleansers.

Acrylic siding

Acrylic wainscots are made with use of the latest polymers which provide the increased durability, resistance to burning out, blows, deformation. On properties this material is similar to vinyl siding, but its exterior differs in light glossy gloss.

Besides, the acrylic siding is stronger and steadier: it is not deformed even at very low or high temperatures. Life cycle of material makes up to 50 years during which it is not deformed and does not lose esthetic exterior.

The acrylic siding is issued in various options, with various textures and shades. The bright color gamma does not burn out in the sun. These wainscots are more expensive, but the price is justified by high quality and durability.

Choosing siding from acrylic, pay attention to uniform coloring of panels from all directions. If differences in shades are noticeable, most likely, painted product repeatedly to hide shortcomings and roughnesses of surface.

Metal siding

The strong metal siding is made of galvanized steel or aluminum. Exterior is decorated at the same time under stone, imitating any kind of natural material, for example, shell rock, the raw stone, brickwork. That metal was not exposed to corrosion, it is covered with polymeric substances.

This material also costs much as differs increased by durability and durability. The metal siding is not exposed to deformations at heavy blows and even influence of naked flame.

Treat shortcomings of material noise which arises at hit, for example, thaw of rain and bad thermal insulation. With such siding the additional layer of heater will be required.  

Among advantages of material there are simple care for covering, durability and durability, fire safety and attractive exterior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team