Small apartment: how to arrange it it is stylish also with taste

Small apartment: how to arrange it it is stylish also with taste

It is easier to create beautiful and functional interior on big living space, of course, than on strongly limited space. However, deficiency of square meters – not occasion to refuse to itself comfort. Having armed with useful tips, you easily solve problem how to arrange the small apartment and to make it really cozy.


1. Furniture and furnishings will harmoniously fit into the small apartment only if other elements of interior (wall-paper, floor, ceiling, curtains) correctly are combined with each other and visually to increase space. It is possible to achieve it, choosing floor covering and wall-paper of light tones. It is the best of all to leave ceiling white, and when choosing curtains give preference to light, fine fabrics.

2. That the apartment looked spacious, refuse furniture of the big sizes. Furniture transformers (sofas, beds), folding-chairs and tables which easily clean up will be the ideal decision and do not take a lot of place. Also pay attention to the decor elements made of transparent glass (regiments, table-tops): they favourably emphasize effect of free space.

3. Color of furniture should not contrast with color of walls. On the contrary, trying to obtain the maximum unity of these two shades, you will make the room more.

4. Choose only functional furniture. For example, the coffee table with the basis in the form of cube can serve as storage various trifles. Boxes in sofa or bed are suitable for storage of bed linen. Ancient grandmother's chests will serve at the same time as decoration of the room and to perform functions of dresser.

5. Do not encumber the center of the room, then the room will seem is more spacious. Try to place furniture along walls or on corners.

6. Stand in the corner of the room opposite to entrance some bright subject (flower in floor vase, floor lamp). Drawing attention entering, this element will create effect of big prospect.

7. If in your apartment high ceilings, have berths the double mezzanine floor. In case practically all space of the room is occupied by bed, hang up over it canopy from floor to ceiling. This reception will make ceiling higher and will separate your room into separate zones.

8. In the small apartment surround yourself with mirrors because they perfectly create illusion of infinite space. Also mirrors are capable to strengthen light and color of the room, thereby repeatedly increasing its sizes.

9. Surely add light to the small apartment. For this purpose use local illumination on furniture, in niches, on floor and ceiling. Or at least hang up several floor lamps, sconce at the different levels. Playing with lighting, you separate the room into separate zones and do it to cozier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team