Small bathroom and stylish design

Small bathroom and stylish design

The small sizes of the bathroom quite often upset with the narrowness and the seeming impossibility of creation of stylish interior. The thought-over planning, thorough selection of finishing materials and competent arrangement of plumbing will allow to turn small bathroom into the stylish, comfortable and functional room.

Most of designers unanimously agree in opinion that arrangement of the small bathroom needs to be begun with selection of finishing materials which will help to create illusion of space and will add bright note to the general style of interior.

Visual expansion of space

The classical way of finishing of small rooms means material utilization of light or pastel tones. Ideal option is the floor and wall tile of the small sizes.

Laying of white tile will add the bathroom of light and will well fit into the general style executed in any color gamma, however the tile of such color does not differ in practicality and demands nearly daily care.

Therefore the optimal variant can be considered floor and wall covering of pink, light green, olive, lilac color. It is absolutely simple to pick up plumbing which coloring will be in harmony from flowers of tile at the range existing today.

Visual increase in space is promoted also by diagonal laying of tile, but when using this reception it is important to remember that the tile should not be very large. Small, it is also desirable, the glossy light tile creates illusion of scope and well masks roughnesses of walls.

Mirror doors of wall lockers and any other brilliant, transparent or reflecting light surfaces, also promote visual increase in space of the small bathroom.

That the bathroom was not only beautiful, stylish, but also functional, it is recommended to use the minimum quantity of furniture, elements of decor and plumbing.

Placement of plumbing and furniture

So, the bulky, taking a lot of place bathtub, it is possible to replace with angular shower cabin that will allow to release space under installation of the washing machine.

If such option is inconvenient, then installation of sedentary or angular bathtub which dimensions usually fit into the sizes even of the most tiny rooms can serve as way out.

Visual increase in space is promoted also by use of the big wall mirror illuminated by dot lamps.

It is very convenient to use the mirror which is built in wall cabinet – functional pieces of furniture are irreplaceable for small rooms. Besides, transparent glass regiments of various forms ideally fit into design of the small bathroom.

Seldom used, but very effective reception allowing to save a lot of place, replacement of normal door on sliding is.

Inserts in door cloth from mirror or opal glass also promote visual increase in space of the bathroom.

At selection of plumbing it is recommended to stop the choice on objects of laconic form and having the small sizes.

The coloring of furniture and the sanitary equipment has to be in harmony with color of walls and floor – it will help to create stylish design of the small, but cozy bathroom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team