Socle for kitchen: how to choose and establish

Socle for kitchen: how to choose and establish

The socle for kitchen performs decorative and protective function. Is made of plastic, aluminum or timber. At the correct installation the socle easily can be removed during cleaning. The sizes often depend on features of set, standardly the panel becomes 10, 12 or 15 cm.

Complete kitchens seldom become on legs. They stand thicket on the special support covered with ornamental strip. It is called socle, is integral part of wall. Thanks to this element the kitchen has the finished appearance, looks steadily and elegantly. The level is established on fixing clip-on earrings which provide fixing on legs. Thanks to it the socle easily is removed for cleaning and returns to the place.

All similar designs consist of identical elements:

  • Side connectors. As furniture contour often broken, the elements suitable under different corners are used.
  • Radial levels. They can be as in set, and made under the order.
  • Face stubs. Are necessary for arrangement of faces of levels.
  • Ventilating grate. As in kitchen often there is increased humidity, for fungus exception under furniture this element is built in. Often it is in the hardly noticeable place.
  • Adapters for levels. This part is relevant if blocks have different height or it is necessary to enter any equipment in complete kitchen.

Height of levels directly depends on height of ceilings of kitchen. If the last in 2.5 m, then are applied socles of 100 mm in size. There are also products with other parameters.

What socle for kitchen to choose?

It is possible to choose this element under color of all machines or other shade. If interior design is constructed on color contrasts, then color of the false panel can be same, as at door handles, plinths or soft corner.

We choose material

Attention is paid also to production material. It can be:

  • from chipboard;
  • MDF;
  • plasticity;

The first look differs in the low price. Most often such socle coincides with color of furniture. Installation can be carried out independently as all necessary already goes in set. Small life cycle belongs to shortcomings. Chipboard badly transfers moisture. Therefore in addition lower part is laminated or establish on him special water-repellent sealant.

It is possible to use the false panel from MDF. Material will serve longer, looks more solidly and is less deformed. It is better to stop the choice on the options covered with special enamel. Such options will be more expensive.

Models from PVC are considered as optimal variant. They are provided in different flowers, well transfer moisture and the increased temperatures. Such levels can be applied also to the rounded-off furniture. The lightweight also belongs to its advantages therefore during cleaning such panel will be easy to be removed. On special plastic there will be no cracks over time, and the shade will remain uniform even under the influence of sunshine.

And reliable the aluminum socle is recognized as the most expensive. It is resistant to temperature drops, mechanical influence, does not spoil at change of temperature condition or at emergence of steam. Between the main element and floor silicone sealant is always established. The similar level is glossy or opaque. It perfectly is suitable for the kitchens registered in modern style.

Most less often than other types the socle from the massif meets. Not all as it is the most expensive material which is used in expensive classical headsets can buy it.

Recommendations about right choice

If you want the kitchen to be not only beautiful, but also convenient, it is necessary to follow several rules:

  • Height of socle depends on distance between table-top of cabinet and the bent hostess's elbow. Usually this rate is 10-15 cm.
  • The sizes depend also on parameters of the triple equipment. If not to consider this parameter, the door of the dishwasher or box, for example, will not open.
  • Upon purchase attentively look at integrity of socle. On facade there should not be cracks, scratches or other defects.

How to establish socle?

Levels are mounted to legs of cabinets by fastenings. On plasticity or chipboard it is necessary to make in advance marks which correspond to distance between cabinet legs. It is possible to fix the panel only on extreme legs. If length of element is more than a meter, then the additional tag becomes in the middle.

From the inside plastic and aluminum plates have special gaps. Insert special clip-on earrings into them. From chipboard the parts join socle with use of self-tapping screws.

Work stages:

To put on sealant the lower edge. It is possible to record it several drops of glue or sealant. If socle from tree, small nails are used.

  • To fasten to set of leg so that depth of placement of level was 7 cm.
  • To bring socle to legs, to note the place of fixing, to part fastenings in the planned places, to insert design on the right place.
  • Clip-on earrings are selected both under the size of adjustable legs, and under level type.
  • When clip-on earrings are fixed, sealants, angular blocks, face pads are established. For reliability during mounting it is possible to use glue or silicone sealant. The last is more reliable option.

For creation of the special atmosphere it is always possible to organize illumination. It is for this purpose better to use the standard LED tapes having the sufficient level of moisture protection.

In conclusion we will note: kitchen socles are convenient to what in need of them easily can be removed and removed. They not only decorate kitchen, but also perform protective function. Thanks to such panels the probability of emergence of raid and dark circles on floor decreases. Modern producers offer the options differing in durability, esthetic exterior and simplicity in processing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team