Solar heating: principles of work

Solar heating: principles of work

Solar batteries are widespread today, especially in the countries with large number of sunny days. Photo-electric converters give the chance to use energy of the sun.

Device of solar batteries

Speaking about operation of solar batteries, it is possible to note several advantages, such as stability of work, big reliability. All this is reached thanks to the fact that the design has no moving parts.

The photovoltaic effect is the cornerstone of operation of the solar battery. The photo cell consists of two layers which have different types of conductivity. Connection to external chain is carried out by means of contacts. The external layer is characterized by electronic type of conductivity, and the inside layer has hole type of conductivity. On border of two layers the mutual diffusion is carried out.

Electric current turns out thanks to physical properties of conductors when photons of light beat out electrons from cover of atoms. This process is the cornerstone of operation of solar batteries. Pay attention - the device can serve very long time. The only lack of solar batteries is their high cost and the efficiency low level. On sale there are installations of any required power and different voltage levels. Therefore if it is required to receive tension of certain size, assemblers take several solar batteries and connect them in one chain.

Features of operation

Solar energy is quite widely used in the modern world. Some countries, for example, are going to pass to this type of energy completely. So, Sweden is going to liquidate dependence on hydrocarbons by 2020. At installation the solar panels have to be located on well lit surface. Besides, lighting by beams of the sun has to be uniform. Batteries have to be protected from mechanical damages, from dust and moisture. Transporting solar batteries, pay attention to safety – avoid stirring. Have to be placed by summer of the battery on such surfaces which heat up a little. For prevention of strong heating it is good to cover surface with aluminum foil or white matter. At temperature below 0 degrees Celsius the nickel cadmium accumulators can reduce power significantly. It needs to be considered at operation of solar panels. Solar batteries are used in many places today. On sale there are batteries differing at the price and power. In the southern areas such devices are used rather widely. If to consider the sector of alternative power engineering, then it will become clear that the greatest percent falls to the share of solar energy now. Solar panels have overtaken tide and wind stations in popularity. It is planned that further solar energy can become the worthy competitor of traditional fuel.

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