Solid propellant boilers of long burning: pluses and minuses

Solid propellant boilers of long burning: pluses and minuses

Boilers of long burning are rather new type of the devices using solid fuel. Coal is capable to ensure functioning of boiler during time, limited 5 days. The maximum duration of burning at boilers on firewood is equal to 30 hours.

As feature of boilers of long burning it is possible to allocate the dimensional camera intended for laying of fuel, it together with the top burning allows to achieve excellent results on combustion duration.

Positive characteristics of solid propellant boilers

The boilers working at the expense of solid fuel choose for their high efficiency and efficiency which can reach 90%. Installations and the fire chamber sizes differ that distinguishes them from classical solid propellant devices. During the work such boilers do insignificant carbon dioxide emissions, and fuel consumption at the same time remains very economic.

Solid propellant boilers act as the alternative decision to the gas equipment. In operation such installations are simple, and their use is practical; the durability is very impressive, besides, they are eco-friendly. Solid propellant designs provide the considerable range of adjustments, and fuel cost for them installations can be very small, moreover, in work even crude firewood is used. Devices of this kind choose also for their non-volatility. Many models of boilers have electronic automatic equipment and the fan which is responsible for air supply in set. Boilers not only are reliable, but also possess simple design and insignificant cost. Solid propellant installations with two contours are capable not only to heat owner-occupied dwelling, but also to provide it with hot water, when there is no opportunity to be connected to the central water supply system. It is possible to mark out and still some positive features of the solid propellant equipment among which opportunity to use different types of fuel at will. The equipment is unpretentious at operation, moreover, system there is opportunity to serve by own efforts. Too it is possible to be engaged in installation process independently, each producer of the similar equipment provides the detailed mounting instruction.

Shortcomings of solid propellant boilers

The installations functioning on solid fuel assume need of continued service that provides cleaning of cindery box which needs to be saved from combustion products. Besides, loading of new fuel should be carried out only in the manual mode that is not always convenient. Installations provide inertial process of combustion, and before loading of fuel in its camera it is necessary not only to deliver beforehand, but also to make preparation.

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