Spring care for wild strawberry

Spring care for wild strawberry

Spring care for wild strawberry is taken right after snow has thawed and the earth has a little dried up. If during the autumn period the plant was warmed for wintering, then it is necessary to save beds from warming materials.

Last year's garbage and snow

It is time to begin spring works in berry-pickers in the middle of April. If on strawberry plantation the snow thaws slowly, then it can be powdered with peat powder or ashes.

Cleaning of plantation from old foliage is carried out by lawn rake which delicately cleans space between bushes and do not injure young growth.

The best way to destroy last year's organic garbage is to burn them in the garden oven.

After thorough cleaning of wild strawberry from the died-off bushes and planting of young plants it is necessary to update layer of mulch which consists of coniferous sawdust or wood ashes, it will allow to protect plant from slugs and other wreckers. In addition, it is necessary to process in addition chemical medicines wild strawberry, the disputes which are in soil are source of development of harmful organisms.

To bring closer the long-awaited moment of emergence of juicy berries of bed on terms cover with the isolating material tense on framework. Then it is possible to receive the first harvest for week before normal term.

Spraying and fertilizing

Usually for this purpose use the Bordeaux liquid, phytoncides and fitosporin which are capable to destroy fungus, without doing harm to plant. Spray for protection against ticks and wreckers wild strawberry by Aktofit and Aktellik. It is necessary to feed up wild strawberry strictly, observing proportions and frequency, otherwise the plant will give strong dense foliage, and the quality of harvest will only suffer from it. The best spring fertilizing for plant solution of mullein or chicken dung is considered, for this purpose it is necessary to dissolve active agent of 500 ml. on 10 liters of water and to add 1 tablet of sulfate of sodium. This solution follows it is abundant to water each strawberry bush, however if plant still weak and age of bushes less than three years, then it is not necessary to disturb young landings excessive fertilizing. Processing of plantation preventive solution should be made three times for warm season: right after snow thawing, during the vegetative period and at the time of emergence of fruits. There are many modern effective medicines which increase productivity of wild strawberry. The main thing not to do much harm to plant, it is necessary to observe proportions strictly.

The recipe of the fertilizer checked by time for wild strawberry

It is simple to make it independently, for this purpose it is necessary to fill in glass of ashes with two liters of abrupt boiled water, to allow to cool down to room temperature. Then it is necessary to add 3 grams of potassium permanganate and boric acid, further 1 tablespoon of spirit iodine. This solution should be dissolved with bucket of water and it is abundant to water wild strawberry. Water needs to be used rain or from spring source but not chlorinated at all.

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