Spring works in garden and kitchen garden

Spring works in garden and kitchen garden

After awakening of spring, coming out to the seasonal dacha, we enjoy the first tender beams of the sun and cheerful singing of birds. But in process of descent of snow we are trapped by pleasant efforts and the huge front of work on personal plot. How with all this to cope and not to miss the main thing?

Here also the long-awaited spring, and together with it the cares connected with new spring and summer season has come.

With approach of spring on personal plots the works connected with improvement of country landscape and preparation for new garden season are resumed. We begin with scheduling of necessary works. The plan will help not to miss the main planned activities connected with works on the country site in warm spring days.

Snow and the main task still lies in some areas in garden is to help garden and decorative trees and bushes to leave vegetative rest in healthy state and to continue the further growth and development with the subsequent plodoobrazovaniye.

For protection of garden against rodents it is recommended to stamp snow around trees and bushes. Under weight of the settling snow branches, both at young people, and at adult trees can break off. That it has not occurred, the dense crust is carefully destroyed by pitchfork or rake. Hvoyniki is shaded by nonwoven fabric from South side – it will prevent burning out of needles. We hold events for detention of snow on ridges with wild strawberry and in places of fast, early descent of snow cover. We arrange channels for withdrawal of melt waters in places with lower landscape, preventing thereby congestion of moisture and perishing of plants.

We bring on snow ashes on garden ridges and in pristvolny circles of fruit-trees and bushes. Before blooming of kidneys it is important to manage to process insecticides fruit-trees and bushes from the wintering wreckers. Spraying is carried out at air temperature +5ºС. Until sokodvizheniye we are engaged in spring cutting of fruit-trees and bushes (forming, sanitary, rejuvenating).

In process of staivaniye of snow we start clear-out of all site. We collect and burn last year's fallen leaves and plant debris. We release the plants which are bent down for the winter from prikolok and poles. We remove boards, coniferous branches and other shelters from the site. We purge garden paths from moss outgrowths. We wash out garden furniture.

In flower beds with simultaneous scarification we feed up plants nitrogen fertilizers (ammonium nitrate or urea – one tablespoon on 10 liters of water).

On lawns carry out piercing of the soil by pitchfork for the best aeration of the soil that prevents formation of pools on lawn after snow thawing. In process of drying-out of the soil the lawn is "combed" rake. We feed up nitrogen fertilizers. We interplant grass at detection of bald spots on lawn surface. If emergence of weeds on lawn is noticeable, we purge.

Pristvolny circles, fruit and decorative trees and bushes we mulch raw compost with preliminary loosening. We finish spring works as preparation of the soil for crops and landing of vegetable and decorative cultures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team