Stained-glass windows in interior

Stained-glass windows in interior

Stained-glass windows for registration of interior are used for a long time. Graceful and easy panels from textured and colored glass will instantly change window opening, door cloth, partition, niche or furniture facade. With them the room will become brighter, more interesting and cozier.

What is stained-glass window

The stained-glass window is art composition of their pieces of textured or colored glass. The stained-glass window can be used as separate element in interior, with its help it is possible to supplement or replace normal glasses.

Styles of stained-glass windows

Stained-glass windows can be different styles and the directions therefore they can be entered practically in any interior. The classical stained-glass window of which the symmetry and proportionality of the image, reserved dark and pastel colors are characteristic is considered true piece of art. The classical panel can be used for window or door openings, designs of interroom partitions, kitchen facades from the massif. As a rule, the stained-glass window consists of geometrical figures and their combinations, but it can repeat also copies of works of painting of outstanding masters. The stained-glass window, the higher it the price is more unique.

Stained-glass windows in Gothic style are characterized by accurate and contrast patterns, and among the used flowers – scarlet, gold, dark red, blue, purple, violet, green. Gothic panels are perfectly combined with the mahogany furniture decorated by velvet or skin. The panel in Gothic style will make interior of the house or dacha similar to interiors of the ancient castle, mysterious and unusual.

Stained-glass windows in modernist style can be recognized by smooth, difficult lines, refinement and elegance. Use of sea and flower motives, the muffled paints and half tones is characteristic of panel in modernist style.

Abstract stained-glass windows are tribute to modern interior. They are capable to present positive emotions and to turn any situation into stylish and unique.

How to use stained-glass windows in interior

Stained-glass windows can be used in different designs, but most often they can be seen in window openings. The panel can protect the room from the sun or perform only esthetic function.

Except window openings the stained-glass windows can be used for interroom or balcony doors. At the expense of stained-glass windows any design becomes noticeable and significant part of interior. The glass cloth can visually zone space or act as the element uniting different rooms.

By means of stained-glass windows it is possible to change furniture facades, having recovered simple doors of cabinets, or to make sliding wardrobe original and unique.

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