Style gardens

Style gardens

One of currents fashionable nowadays in landscaping - creation of style gardens. When choosing any given style it is necessary to be guided not only own preferences, but also as far as this direction will correspond to architectural plan of the house. Only if the house and landscape of the site make the harmonious ensemble stood in one style it is possible to speak about faultless taste of owners.

Let's consider some popular options of style gardens.

The Japanese garden - the choice of fans of the pacifying atmosphere. In silence of such garden it will be fine to indulge in philosophical thoughts and contemplation of the nature. As a rule, the composition center will be sand structure and stones placed in a certain way and also wavy paths here. In the spirit of the Japanese esthetics such garden has to reflect accurately change of seasons and beauty of each season. Therefore here the plants which are obviously changing the shape depending on season are used: plum, Japanese pine and of course, traditional bonsai.

The French garden will be suitable for those who like landscape in the spirit of classicism with its geometrically correct forms, straight lines and strict proportions. The shape of such garden bears shade of some solemnity. Its bright signs: the parterre lawn, direct paths, symmetry, avenues seated by carefully cut plants of the correct outlines, reservoirs of geometrical forms. The French garden is often decorated by fountains, channels and sculptures.

The design of the English garden is characterized by simplicity and naturalness. Here, unlike the French garden style, not the nature fits into certain framework, and on the contrary, elements of design adapt to natural landscape. Lawns with well-groomed juicy lawn alternate with alone standing mighty trees: oaks or beeches. Reservoirs in the English style usually have the natural form. Green hedge - one more traditional part of this direction. And of course, the cozy gazebo will be obligatory addition.

Garden in modernist style - good site to give vent to imagination and to carry out the most unusual ideas. For this style the smoothness of lines and big variety of forms and materials is characteristic of decor. Often in design of such sites metal and plastic designs are used. The garden in modernist style is, as a rule, space with objects of unusual outlines, symbolical sculptures and the minimum quantity of plants whose placement is thought carefully over.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team