Style of Scandinavia in interior

Style of Scandinavia in interior

The Scandinavian style very reserved and clean, fresh and cool, as air in the northern countries.


1. The abundance of air and light distinguishes the Scandinavian interiors, it is reached due to the minimum quantity of furniture, light colors. Windows become the biggest, for the admission of large amount of light, at the same time they are not decorated or veiled only by easy curtains.

2. Colors during creation of interior are used light: white, beige, gray, light green or blue. It is possible to bring bright accents, but it is very constrained, for this purpose will approach red or yellow.

3. The ceiling in the Scandinavian style is decorated with nothing, it is left neutrally white. Sometimes ceilings sheathe boards which also paint in white. Walls are a match for ceiling or are sheathed by tree, or painted, besides, plaster and wall-paper with the reserved drawing can be applied. It is not obligatory to carry out interior exclusively monokhromno. You can bring accents, for example one bright wall, the main thing is not to go too far and keep minimalistichnost.

4. Floors do of light tree, without any embellishment. On floor it is possible to lay carpets, also reserved, as well as all interior.

5. Furniture in the Scandinavian style of simple forms, is made of light tree or wattled, without decor. A lot of furniture cannot be put in the Scandinavian interior, but here functionally it is used to the maximum. The built-in boxes, transforming furniture, all this helps to contain many things, having kept space maximum. Appropriate in the Scandinavian style the modern plastic or glass furniture looks.

6. Glass is often applied as decor, by glass vases, ware, abundance of glass lamps, all of them help to bring even more light, refracting the sunshine getting to rooms. As accessories it is possible to hang out photo in simple framework, to put baskets with green apples or room dekorativnolistvenny plants. In honor at northerners objects of manual creativity, it is possible to use them safely as accessories.

7. To steam of bright accent posters and pillows will make interior brighter, having kept the idea of the Scandinavian style. All small objects usually stack in beautiful boxes. Boxes can be monophonic or sheathed by fabric. Textiles most often striped, in cage or with such ornaments, as, deer, snowflakes, zigzags and fir-trees. Skins and abundance of warm plaids are welcomed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team