Stylish vases from paper the hands

Stylish vases from paper the hands

The term ""bumagoplastik"" has appeared relatively recently, at the end of the last century and means art of creation of volume (relief) models from paper. The idea of creation of such three-dimensional sculptures from paper was very much fallen in love by all - from school students to designers. And there is no wonder - such design sculptures from from paper look ultra is modern. There are enough papers and a little patience.

It is required to you

  • - paper
  • - ruler
  • - pricker or knitting needle
  • - glue
  • - bilateral adhesive tape
  • - vase or other capacity for support


1. On the Internet there is huge number of the guides to bumagoplastika, I suggest to create bright magnificence from paper vases on your table.

2. It is important to pick up paper for the size so that it could capture capacity completely. We take standard sheet of A4 format. After you make folds, it is necessary to make folding (consecutive bending). We put paper on the middle and then we begin to bend further until strips of equal width appear. At first we do parallel bends, then perpendicular, and after that - diagonal. It is possible to put without preliminary marking, but it is better to define at first lines of future bends, so will easier bend.

3. After you have executed folds, we do scoring: carrying out by pricker along ruler, we create deep grooves. It is necessary in order that folds have turned out more accurate and better held form. Now it is necessary to bend external triangles on the top corners and to repeat along all surface of paper. This step always in the beginning a little difficult and labor-consuming. However, when you are accustomed, business will go quickly, as if by magic.

4. Bends on paper play not only esthetic, but also practical role. They create so-called stiffening fins, providing stability to future creation. Therefore try to create the folds which were more sharpened. Instead of paper it is better to use color cardboard, it is desirable glossy - for the best visual effect. Now, when at us the leaf with accurate sharp edgings has turned out, we pass to the next stage - forming of model. We put paper as accordion. By means of bilateral adhesive tape we fix on glass vase or any other suitable capacity.

5. Create several such vases, and at you the bright composition from which it is difficult to tear off look will turn out. On such technology it is possible to create not only vases, but also other home decoration, for example lamp shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team