Subtleties of care for lemon tree in house conditions

Subtleties of care for lemon tree in house conditions

The lemon tree belongs to family of rutic. The homeland of this plant - China and India. To grow up it houses not so difficult.


1. UvlazhnenieV warm rooms magnolia vine quite often dumps leaves. To avoid it, in the morning and in the evening of plant spray with warm water from spray. Nearby it is possible to place jars with water to humidify indoor air.

2. It is necessary to PolivPolivat 2 times a week not chlorinated water. For chlorine deposit tap water is poured in bucket and leave alone for 48 hours. In 1-2 days after each watering the soil needs to be prorykhlit. The soil will sour and will be condensed if you do not observe the watering mode. The excess of moisture will lead to emergence of green raid on the soil, as a result air from soil will be forced out, roots will begin to choke with lack of oxygen.

3. PosadkaPri to landing of plant in pot or tub surely make openings in day. On them put crock then fill 3-5 cm of coarse sand and from above the nutritious soil which thickness at change is defined by plant lump height. Change of lemon do not forget to spend aged to 3 years annually, 3-6 years - in 2-3 years, over 6 years - once to 5 or even 10 years. For plants of one-year age diameter of pot in upper part of 20-25 cm, for two-three-year-old - 25-30 cm, four-year-old - 30-35 cm is recommended for landing.

4. UdobrenieZima fertilizers bring once a month. From March to September it is desirable to introduce nitrogen-potash fertilizer once in 15 days, and phosphoric together with dung water - once a month. It is reasonable to pour the rerotting manure in pots and tubs at least once in 2 months.

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