Summer radish salads

Summer radish salads

Greens salads are useful at all seasons of the year. When on beds there are the first radish, fennel and onions, it is possible to cook daily for members of household tasty light meal.

The fresh garden radish can serve as ingredient for various salads. Even the normal cutting from cucumber and radish strewed with the crushed fennel and feathers of onions will serve as good addition to lunch or dinner. It is possible to prepare from it many different light meals.

In spite of the fact that in shops it is possible to buy garden radish at all seasons of the year, the most tasty now – what is collected from beds at the beginning of summer. Root crops grow strong, dense, pleasantly crackle on teeth at meal time. The radish helps to supply organism with useful substances and well is suitable as ingredient for any vegetable salad.

Radish garlic salad

To prepare such dish, you need garden radish (300 g), one cucumber, couple of garlic gloves, salt, fennel, sour cream.

Fresh vegetables should be wetted approximately for half an hour in the clear added some salt water. It will help to get rid of nitrates. Then it is necessary to prepare them – garden radish to cut on small slices, cucumber – on bars of the same size, to pass garlic through chesnokodavka or to cut on small rings if fresh stalks are used. Fennel is crushed by scissors.

After preparation of ingredients they should be connected in deep bowl, to salt, fill with sour cream. It is possible to wait for formation of juice and after that to mix. It turns out very tasty.

Cheese and garlic snack with garden radish

This snack is fragrant and very tasty, well will be suitable for chicken and meat, potatoes, pancakes and pasta dishes in a naval way. Preparation occupies it a little time, and the taste is capable to diversify the cloyed dishes.

For preparation it is required to you: garden radish (100 g), cheese (50 g), couple of garlic gloves, two boiled eggs, fennel, mayonnaise, salt.

On small grater it is necessary to rub well washed garden radish, cheese, eggs. To connect all this in one bowl. Fennel to crush and add to ingredients, to dress with mayonnaise, to salt to taste. It is good to mix everything. Approaches as filling of tartlets, it is possible to smear on sandwiches.

Councils for the choice of garden radish for additive in salads

It is better to choose root crops in salads firm, with smooth surface. If on thin skin there are black spots, such garden radish is no good any more. Soft root crops become at long storage – some of them can be used, but useful substances in them remains on minimum.

The most suitable for consumption consider garden radish with a diameter about three centimeters. Big the root crop can grow because during development on it chemical additives made impact. There are also especially large grades of garden radish.

Bitterness of root crops can be shown from scarcity of water or grade of garden radish. It is caused by mustard oils – they are considered as useful. Sweetish grades have admirers and, and at those that with bitterness.

To wet early garden radish one half an hour better in slightly added some salt water. It is so possible to reduce amount of nitrates. For storage the radish can be placed in the fridge, previously having removed green tops. There it can remain within two weeks.

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