Than the carrots tops of vegetable is useful

Than the carrots tops of vegetable is useful

In Russia the use of tops of vegetable of carrots has not become widespread though in many countries of Europe these greens are used everywhere and is much more expensive than the root crop. It is connected with the fact that carrot stalks are source of vitamins and other important connections. Since ancient times the tops of vegetable not only was added to various dishes, but also successfully used as medicine.

 Useful properties of tops of vegetable of carrots

The tops of vegetable of carrots is vitamin-rich C, E, K, it is excellent source of carotene and also contains the whole complex of minerals (calcium, chrome, magnesium). Bright greens of carrots positively affect work of warm and blood systems therefore phytotherapists recommend to use it to the people having heart troubles and that who periodically faces high-pressure problem.

Carrot leaves contain chlorophyll which is capable to purify quickly blood from toxins, to improve activity of lymphatic system, to regulate work of adrenal glands, to strengthen bone tissue. The fresh tops of vegetable promotes normalization of exchange of carbohydrates and also intensifies recovery processes in organism cages. Ancient sorcerers used carrots as excellent medicine from stones in kidneys, soft laxative and diuretic. 

How to use and prepare carrots tops of vegetable

The carrot tops of vegetable is widely used in cookery. Dried greens can be added to vegetable and krupyany garnishes, salads and soups. For bitterness reduction greens are recommended to be mixed with garlic, chili pepper, muscat, ginger. It is worth to remember that leaves of carrots contain many alkaloids (for example, caffeine or strychnine) therefore is it in large numbers contraindicated.

The fresh tops of vegetable before preparation needs to be wetted for several minutes in hot water, so it will become less bitter. Also greens of carrots can be prepared for the future. For this purpose she needs to be collected no later than the end of July. Then carefully to wash out stalks and branches, to dry up them on towel. After grass it is necessary to crush, and then to dry up on sheets of white paper in the dry and dark place.

 How to prepare infusion from carrot tops of vegetable

One of the most effective national recipes – carrot greens infusion. It can be accepted inside for improvement of work of cardiac muscle, or to use outwardly in quality antiseptics. For production of medicine it is necessary to mix one spoon of the cut tops of vegetable of carrots and ½ liters of hot water. It is necessary to draw means not less than one hour. To accept inside on half of glass each 3 hours, for external application – to process it places of scratches or grazes.

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