Than the mangold is useful and as to grow up it

Than the mangold is useful and as to grow up it

Sheet beet with the beautiful name ""mangold"" finds recognition at gardeners more and more. This vegetable is famous not only big advantage for organism, but also excellent food qualities. Besides, the bright palette of scapes and elegant leaves have made this plant ornamental.

What the plant - mangold is?

Mangold - the overseas relative of our beet, but full-fledged root crops, unlike it, does not give. In food use only land parts of plant - scapes and leaves. Under favorable conditions the mangold forms the powerful beautiful sockets improving personal plot. The mangold perfectly adjoins to other garden cultures and grows till late fall, being pleasing to the eye effective sprawling leaves.

Leaves at mangold appear early, cabbage for the present has not appeared in time, and hostesses with pleasure use them as gas station for borsch or green Russian cabbage soup. From leaves of mangold cook salads, do tasty stuffed cabbage, vinaigrette. Scapes fry in crackers, extinguish with cabbage and other vegetables, make sour, pickle. Marinated scapes of mangold - the real delicacy, light and juicy meal.

Than sheet beet is useful?

It is difficult to overestimate advantage of mangold for organism. This plant is rich with carotene, organic acids, vitamins K, And, E and C, micro and macrocells among which there is iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, etc. Sheet beet - remarkable dietary product with low caloric content, it contains rough cellulose and large amount of antioxidants.

It is useful to use mangold at diabetes, anemia, kidney and stone disease, hypertension. Use of this vegetable in food improves work of cardiovascular system and liver, strengthens the immune system. Long ago the restoring action of mangold on hair bulb is noted, gruel from root of plant is used for treatment of baldness. Sheet beet also perfectly strengthens bones, stimulates brain activity and improves blood circulation.

How to grow up mangold?

It is better to land sheet beet seedling, it is so possible to receive the first greens quicker. The plant rather unpretentious and cold-resistant, but at disembarkation to the open ground at the beginning of May is better to cover early shoots from spring frosts previously. If to sow in soil, then it can be done at the end of April. The mangold well grows on the easy loamy soil fertilized by organic chemistry.

Plants grow large, it needs to be considered when landing. The distance between rows in soil has to be not less than 35 cm. It is enough to grow up 5-6 pieces of sheet beet for need of family of 4 people.

Care for mangold simple, is required thinning in phase of 2-3 leaflets, loosening and weeding as required. During vegetation sheet beet needs abundant watering, at lack of moisture can strelkovatsya. Plant it is necessary to feed up 3-4 times during the season nitrogen fertilizers (urea at the rate of 1 matchbox on bucket of water or ammonium nitrate).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team