Than to close windows on the balcony from the sun

Than to close windows on the balcony from the sun

The balcony windows coming to the southern, southwest parties are strongly heated and lit during the summer period of time. To secure itself against ultraviolet rays, furniture and walls from burning out, owners of apartments and houses use decorative protective equipment. Different types of blinds and curtains help to fight against the sun.

It is possible to escape from summer heat and the scorching sun with the help Split system. But constant turning on of the conditioner will lead to serious expenses on utility payments. If your balcony almost all the year round is under the influence of direct sunshine, it is necessary to solve problem cardinally. The wet sheet thrown windows will not save the situation. It is possible to consider different options of decorative registration of balcony design and protection against ultraviolet. Curtains and blinds of various modifications belong to the most popular.

Sun-protection accessories: what versions exist?

To keep cool on the balcony, in the house or the apartment, specialized accessories will help to minimize impact of thermal radiation on living space. As the most widespread products are considered:

  • horizontal and vertical blinds from different materials;
  • curtains of original and classical configurations;
  • external rollets;
  • the hinged marquises located over window;
  • the stained glass and foiled film with excellent reflective properties.

Often owners of houses and apartments find simple way out — decorate the room textile curtains and curtains, dense portieres. 

Style and protection: all types of curtains for balcony windows

Curtains from suitable fabrics will be to the taste to fans of classical decisions. It is good if you can independently take measurements and sew suitable decorative products. It will help to save on professional services. For tailoring of curtains linen and cotton materials are used — for 100% natural, ecologically safe and wearproof. Dense fabrics without the drawing or with drawing the image on one party of cloth are usually applied. The main thing of advantage of this method of shadowing is that it is possible to use different curves for tailoring, original configurations of curtains for esthetic registration of balcony designs. But classical curtains have also negative sides. These are difficulties in leaving — fabric strongly accumulates dust, easily becomes soiled therefore it is necessary to erase curtains often. The second shortcoming — visual reduction of area of balcony. Magnificent curtains, portieres have set of folds and the dimensions hide the most part of window, encumbering space. It is recommended to use this type of sun-protection devices on spacious loggias and balcony territories.


Curtains of rolled type which cloths are established and look very attractively became quite popular. There is mass of multi-color and monophonic versions. The main usability of rolled curtains is that they can be lifted on any height or to lower completely, having closed room space from sunlight. On width these designs are identical to dimensions of double-glazed windows and do not close frame therefore the visual reduction of area of balcony or loggia is not felt. 

Fabric rolled curtains are used not so often as sbirat dust and displaced manually. The three-layer polyester cloth of Black Out with sateen weaving is much more attractive. At production this material undergoes numerous processing by acrylic and pyleottalkivayushchy structures for increase in density and improvement of utilization properties. Black Out includes three layers:

  • white (first) it is turned towards the street for effective absorption of sunshine;
  • average — dense, lightproof;
  • the third — bears decorative loading, can be with the drawing, patterns or monophonic, will turn to the room.

The uniqueness of rolled curtains from three-layer material is that they for 100% do not pass ultra-violet radiation. Designs of Rollite which are easily mounted on frame over double-glazed window are considered as the most popular. They do not prevent opening of window in the airing mode. One more interesting decision — "day-night". These are curtains which can block completely access of sunlight to the room or let in it partially. They consist of dense and transparent cloths which can come one on another. Similar modifications are without effort regulated, effectively close the territory from ultraviolet rays. 

Often rolled curtains make from the bamboo processed by special structures and cut on thin strips. Similar modifications create natural shadowing on the balcony, protect the territory from overheating, bring exotic color in its design registration. For fastening decorative threads are used. The natural bamboo possesses fine operating ability, iznosostoyek, is waterproof, can brag of long terms of operation. 

The Roman

Original and stylish designs for protection of balcony against the sun make of flax or natural cotton. They cardinally differ from rolled and gather in folds, but are not displaced completely. Compact and esthetically attractive Roman curtains can be dense or not really. Everything depends on wishes of the owner of the apartment or house to extent of shadowing of the room. Ready designs have distant or hand operation. They are often fixed on frame or on the shutter for the maximum convenience when using. 

Blinds against sunlight

These are demanded designs which successfully protect balcony windows from sunshine, shade space. Vertical and horizontal blinds do of plastic, tree, metal and dense fabrics. They are monophonic, multi-color, to unusual drawings and prints. 

On the balconies for economy often establish plastic designs, but they poorly protect from sunshine. Blinds from dense textiles effectively protect from heating when choosing light shades of cloth. As well as plastic, they strongly attract dust and demand thorough leaving. Blinds form dense sun-protection veil of aluminum. But because of good heat conductivity this material can heat up and transmit energy to the room. It is simple to look after metal designs. 

The following option — wood vertical or horizontal structures. Eco-friendly lamels practically do not heat up and provide good sun protection. It is recommended to choose light shades of wood for the best reflection of ultraviolet rays. 

Effective rollets: how to be fenced off from heat and light?

From the sun, winds, noise and dust will well protect rolling shutters or rollets which on design remind rolled curtains. But they consist of high-strength lamels which are recorded among themselves by swivel joints. In closed position they represent whole, dense design which does not pass sunshine. Several options of mounting of similar designs are provided:

  • the consignment note, the box is fixed outside or inside;
  • built in with internal placement of basis of framework;
  • indoors with external box. 

It is recommended to choose snow-white or light gray, dairy rolling shutters that they as much as possible reflected sunlight. Rollets classify by production material on the following variations:

  • steel — strong, dimensional, heavy, vzlomostoyky;
  • aluminum — perfectly protect from atmospheric action;
  • wood and plastic — easy and stylish.

The only shortcoming is the impossibility of adjustment of lamels in different positions. They have to be open or closed completely. Control of rollets is exercised remotely by means of the electric drive or manually. 

Marquises and their features

The textile facilitated tents without effort will protect from sunlight if necessary. It is available option of shadowing for the glazed loggias and open balconies. The main advantage of marquises is free intake of air masses that allows to support comfortable microclimate indoors. Similar designs can be executed in the form of hoods or rigid frames with the tense cloth. They are fixed on hinges vertically or at an angle for convenient raising and lowering. 

Interesting option — the combined marquises who combine the mechanism as rolled curtains and frame for tension of tent. The last rise and fall by certain height in process of tension of textile material. For production of these designs the strong aluminum alloys painted by powder method are used. And the cloth is done of strong acrylic threads which differ in water tightness, resistance to burning out and high strength. 

Sun-protection film: types and functions

It is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways of protection of balcony windows and the room from sunlight. The film is pasted on glass and does not pass ultraviolet rays. Allocate the following versions:

  • with the smooth reflecting surface;
  • combined and udarozashchitny — are mounted on glass in outer end, protect from ultraviolet and fall when breaking;
  • the spatterny which — are heatreflecting, perfectly tinting with the applied high-melting metal convenient for independent fixing without professional intervention;
  • classical sun-protection accessories — fasten to the humidified surface of glass from the inside, are on sale in any household shops.

For the winter period this material can be removed without effort, and in the summer to paste new sheets again. The budgetary films are preferred by many owners of small-sized apartments.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team