Than to feed up cucumbers in the greenhouse for receiving big crop

Than to feed up cucumbers in the greenhouse for receiving big crop

Cultivation of cucumbers on personal plot allows to receive tasty and useful harvest. But for the correct growth and development these vegetables it is regularly necessary to feed up in independence of view of the soil and place of growth of plants.

Cucumbers can be grown up both in the greenhouse, and in the open ground. In the greenhouse they demand less personal care, but at the same time the soil under them is quicker exhausted. Therefore regular application of fertilizers is necessary. At the same time it will be better for plants if to feed up them at the same time both organic, and mineral fertilizers.

Regular fertilizing of cucumbers in the greenhouse

Cucumbers in the greenhouse begin to feed up as soon as on them 2-3 real leaflets are formed. At this moment it is possible to use nitrogen fertilizer nitrophoska. It is parted on 20 g on 10 l of water and water plants at the rate of 4 l on 1 sq.m.

As soon as cucumbers begin to blossom massively, feed up them sulfate potassium (15 g on 10 l of water). The interval between fertilizing should not exceed two weeks. If cucumbers poorly go to growth, water them with any growth factor, for example epiny.

Besides mineral fertilizers for cucumbers it is possible to prepare infusion of mullein (1:10) or chicken dung (1:25). If to introduce these fertilizers at the same time, cucumbers will surely thank you good fructification. Especially as these plants very quickly spend all nutrients which are contained in the soil.

The next stage of application of fertilizers comes during fructification. At this moment cucumbers in the greenhouse it is necessary to feed up once a week. For this purpose complex mineral fertilizers will be ideal, for example the luxury is dissolved or Kemer (40 g on water bucket). Consumption of such solution of 10 l on 3 sq.m.

Besides root fertilizing very effective for cucumbers are also extra root which consist in spraying of leaves of plants. They are usually used when cucumbers need to give missing nutrients quickly.

How to learn what microelements are not enough for cucumbers

At lack of potassium at the edges of leaves light yellow spots are formed. And fruits have the pear-shaped form. Then part 1 tsp on 5 l of water of sulfate potassium and process plants.

At lack of nitrogen the cucumbers badly go to growth, leaves at them turn yellow, and fruits grow shortened and have light color. In that case use of ammonium nitrate is necessary (1 tsp on 5 l of water).

At lack of phosphorus the leaves grow small, and plants weakened. Then it will be effective to carry out extra root fertilizing by superphosphate (1 tablespoon of substance on 5 l of water).

In certain cases on cucumbers in the greenhouse ovaries are badly formed. In this case plants feed up urea (2 tablespoons on 10 l of water) or spray with special medicines for their education, for example "Ovary".

In independence of look and time of fertilizing, the soil under cucumbers after that surely water and mulch. Such reception allows all nutrients will be dissolved in the soil and to bring the maximum benefit to plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team