Than to feed up garlic

Than to feed up garlic

Garlic - culture absolutely not choosy, however for good growth to plant happens only prelanding fertilizing insufficiently. It is possible to fill shortage of nutrients by means of root and extra root fertilizing, using for this purpose organic or mineral fertilizers.

Than to feed up garlic in the spring that did not turn yellow

If you have noticed that garlic has begun to turn yellow, then first of all you need to establish the reason of yellowing of leaves. Garlic can turn yellow because of defeat by fungal diseases (it often happens if garlic is planted to the sour soil), attack of wreckers on it, for example, onions fly. Also culture can change coloring because of podmerzaniye, well and it is natural, because of the shortage of nutrients.

If the shortage of nutrients is the reason of yellowing of garlic, then the problem is quite solved: just it is necessary to feed up him organic and mineral fertilizers. It is possible to bring fertilizing as by means of watering of garlic the prepared solutions, and podsypaniye of fertilizers in grooves between plants with the subsequent watering of beds, spraying of leaves special medicines.

For example, the quite good result is yielded by watering and spraying of garlic potassium sulfate solution (sulfate teaspoon on water liter). As organic chemistry it is possible to use grass infusion (normal weeds) with obligatory addition in solution of wood ashes (0.5 liters on bucket).

Than to feed up garlic that heads were large

If you wish to receive top yield of garlic, then do not neglect fertilizing. For fertilizer it is desirable to use special complex fertilizing in which the percentage of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus is picked correctly up. Have well proved the medicines ""Agricola No. 2"" and ""Fertilizer Luk Chesnok"" (N: P:K, % 7.6: 15.3: 35.1), which you with ease will be able to find in shops for gardeners and gardeners.

Use of means favorably influences growth of garlic and also very improves its tastes, increases the resilience of plants to various diseases. Fertilizing by these medicines is recommended to be made once for the spring and summer period, introducing about seven grams fertilizers directly to the damp soil, trying to scatter evenly it on bed (data are given per square meter).

It is possible to replace the above complex fertilizers with urea. For fertilizing of culture it is necessary to dissolve tablespoon of urea in 10 liters of water and to water garlic (the amount of solution is calculated on five square meters). After this fertilizing it is necessary to carry out one more fertilizing by nitrophoska later few weeks (two tablespoons of medicine on water bucket, the expense of means is similar to urea solution consumption).

If you the supporter of organic fertilizers, then use fertilizing by ashes and chicken dung. When using ashes carry out the following manipulations: you otgrebit from garlic stalks earth layer in couple of centimeters, in holes fill small amount of ashes, cover with earth.

Well fertilizing by chicken dung influences growth of heads of garlic. Part dung in water in the ratio 1 to 15 (strictly observe proportions, at all do not use more concentrated mix) and water with structure of plant, using for this purpose watering can without spray. You remember, this fertilizer though very improves growth of garlic, however heads are worse stored in the subsequent.

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