Than to feed up garlic in May from yellowing

Than to feed up garlic in May from yellowing

Almost each gardener faces problem of yellowing of leaves at garlic plants. What should be undertaken that the help to garlic was effective?

Why leaves at garlic turn yellow?

Yellowing of leaves can be caused in garlic by various reasons. But most often this violation of physiological processes in development: the shortage of batteries, violation of air exchange in root zone, long absence of heat, solar energy, etc. Against the background of long cold snaps the soil has low temperatures, and power supply is badly acquired by plants. The fertilizing brought earlier is washed away by precipitation.

What should be made?

Our actions: superficial loosening between rows and careful loosening between plants. Especially it needs to be done on soils heavy, clay. Then fertilizing. Considering deficiency of nitrogen, we give to garlic fertilizing with the increased nitrogen dose. Nitric fertilizing is necessary for garlic plants up to June. During this period there is abundant building of leaves at garlic.

Mineral fertilizers suit for the emergency fertilizing: ammonium nitrate, urea which dissolve in water and water garlic on leaves (1 tablespoon on 10 liters of water).

Perfectly infusions of nettle, dandelion and other grass help. Grass infusions bear power supply, treatment in the structure, do the soil alive and fertile. Water with grass infusions leaves and bring at the roots. Infusions of mullein, bird's dung and other organic chemistry also well restore the green growth of leaves.

Pharmaceutical solution of ammonia (ammonia solution) will be effective. It is taken by two full tablespoons and part in 8-10 l of water. Ammonia solution positively influences photosynthesis of leaves and is prevention from onions fly and fungal diseases. Fertilizing does in hours when there is no sun that plants have not got burns.

In 10 days it is possible to give to plants the second fertilizing. Full mineral fertilizer with microelements is its part. Such fertilizing is done, using water-soluble fertilizers with watering, at rainy weather apply fertilizers in granules. But they act more slowly.

After any root fertilizing, garlic needs scarification. It should be done surely. If young garlic leaves have saturated green color, then with plants everything is all right. How quickly garlic will restore the growth, will increase sheet weight, also future weight of bulbs directly depends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team