Than to feed up roses in the spring for magnificent blossoming in garden

Than to feed up roses in the spring for magnificent blossoming in garden

That roses pleased with magnificent blossoming throughout all season, important not only to choose good grade and to plant bush, but also in time it is correct to introduce fertilizers.

In spite of the fact that roses it is very whimsical, besides has thorns, it never gets out of fashion. Many gardeners consider ""debt of honor"" to grow up at themselves on the site beautiful magnificent rosebush. But to achieve desirable result plant it is necessary to feed up well.

The most important fertilizer for blossoming is phosphorus. It influences not only the extent of colors, quantity of buds, but also also development of new roots. The most remarkable is it is possible to fertilize phosphorus throughout all season. But you should not stop on only one phosphorus, roses also need the potassium influencing forming of buds, nitrogen by means of which healthy green material of bush, magnesium, manganese and pine forest is increased.

How to introduce fertilizers under roses

When bringing in fertilizers it is always necessary to remember that the soil has to be well moistened to avoid burn of roots. Ways of fertilizing exists much. So, for example, it is possible to recede from bush of 15-20 centimeters and to around make furrow, to fill it with fertilizer, and good watering and rains will help to deliver necessary nutrients directly to roots.

As the rose perfectly absorbs also through leaves, the bush can be sprayed. In eye case it is worth remembering that it is not necessary to do it late at night - foliage will not manage to dry and the fungus can appear.

Organic fertilizers very much are suitable for the young plants planted the first year: chicken and cow dung. More mature plants prefer to organic chemistry ammonium nitrate which can be brought right after snow descend.

For lazy gardeners have invented complex fertilizers. It is only enough to buy the necessary package in shop and to use according to the instruction. But what fertilizer would not be: complex, organic - in everything the measure is important.

After fertilizing the blossoming of bush will be all season magnificent and bright. However, you should not forget that all season the rose will spend many forces for blossoming and it is very important to make fertilizing also in the fall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team