Than to feed up strawberry during fructification

Than to feed up strawberry during fructification

Strawberry during fructification needs additional power supply. The shortage of nutrients can negatively affect not only quantity of harvest, but also taste of fruits. During forming of fruits it is possible to use different fertilizing, but the best choice nevertheless - organic chemistry.

It is necessary to feed up strawberry during forming of fruits only in case fertilizing of culture was not made during blossoming. At the same time during application of fertilizers it is necessary to adhere strictly to dosages as the surplus of organic fertilizers in the soil can negatively affect taste of berries. It is considered that it is better ""not to finish feeding"" culture, than ""to overfeed"".

So, during fructification strawberry it is the best of all to feed up organic chemistry - ashes, manure or bird's dung. Each fertilizer becomes in own way. For example, for creation of cindery fertilizing for these berries it is necessary to part liter of ashes in water bucket, the structure can be used for designated purpose at once. Manure with water needs to be dissolved in the ratio 1 to 5 respectively, and dung - 1 to 10. Before entering into soil the structures need to infuse within a day.

Now as for the number of application of fertilizers. All above-mentioned fertilizing needs to be brought exclusively at the roots plants, and it is strict from 500 ml to structure liter (depending on the size and age of bush, the it is less and bushes are more senior, the less it is necessary for them power supply and vice versa). After the procedure it is necessary to prorykhlit all bed, so moisture from soil will not be able quickly to evaporate (and nutrient absorption occurs only in damp soil) and access of oxygen to roots will happen more actively. All this in total will allow strawberry to develop normally and is abundant to fructify.

It is possible to feed up strawberry during fructification also solution on the basis of yeast. The structure so is preparing: in liter of warm water 50 grams of yeast (half of standard pack, is better to use pressed) are dissolved, mix infuses couple of hours in heat (before formation of foam). Before fertilizing fertilizer is surely diluted with water in the ratio 1 to 5. Under one strawberry bush no more than 500 ml of solution are brought. It is also worth remembering, after introduction of fertilizing it is necessary to watch that in the next week soil on strawberry bed always was damp, and further it is better to refuse in general watering, so berries will be more sweet.

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