Than to feed up strawberry in the early spring and than to process

Than to feed up strawberry in the early spring and than to process

The first berries which are picked by each summer resident it is strawberry. However, that the harvest of strawberry was rich and tasty, it needs to be fed up and processed well on spring.

It is known that strawberry well transfers winter and on spring begins to grow again. The wintered bushes need to be prepared well for the new vegetative period and to feed up that it it is abundant blossomed, formed ovaries and could struggle with wreckers of a different type independently. As a rule, young strawberry (bushes of the 1st year) do not feed up, also those fertilizers which were introduced even when landing will be enough for it. Strawberry of 2nd and 4th can bring both minerals, and organic chemistry, and here only mineral fertilizers are necessary for bushes of the 3rd year.

Fertilizing of strawberry in the early spring.

The first fertilizing needs to be made in very early spring when snow has only just descended, and leaflets have not managed to be dismissed yet. Usually such period is necessary on 10-15 dates of April. That once again not to disturb plant, best of all to introduce fertilizers together with cutting of old bushes. In the future to receive strong leaves and escapes, fertilizers have to contain as much as possible nitrogen. The best suppliers of this substance today:

  • mullein and sulfate of ammonium. To prepare fertilizing, it is necessary to mix one tablespoon of sulfate of ammonium, two glasses cow, ten liters of water. The mixed solution is poured out under each bush of strawberry on one liter.
  • One tablespoon is stirred in 10 liters of water and on half of liter poured out under each strawberry bush.
  • bird's dung. Infusion of chicken dung needs to be prepared: in proportion 1 to 10 it stir with water and leave for 5-6 days, and then pour on half of liter under each bush.
  • nettle infusion. To fill in pailful of nettle with water of room temperature and to allow to stand 3-4 days. If you are going to spray with such infusion bushes, then it will need to be filtered and diluted in proportion 1 to 20 with water. When fertilizing the filtering is not necessary, it is only enough to dilute with water 1:10 and to pour on half of liter of solution under each bush.

Processing of strawberry in the spring from wreckers and diseases.

The most effective way of protection of strawberry in the spring - processing by chemical medicines. Tsezar and Taurus and also Fitoverm and Akrofit are considered as the best today. As a rule, actions for processing are specified on medicine packing.

You should not forget and about pincers on strawberry - Karbofos and Calypso will help to fight with them. Application of chemical processings in the early spring safely as by the period of blossoming and vegetation all toxic agents ""will already ""come out"" plant.

To get rid of larvae and wreckers who wintered together with bushes it is enough to pour over strawberry bushes hot water (about 60-65 degrees) from watering can. They will get stronger and intensify vegetative process.

Strawberry - one of the most favourite berries which can do without fertilizing and fertilizers. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team