Than to feed up strawberry in the fall

Than to feed up strawberry in the fall

For receiving good harvest of strawberry it is necessary to maintain fertility of the soil on which culture grows. For this purpose it is necessary to bring several times a year fertilizing in soil, using for this purpose organic or industrial mineral mixes.

Than and when to feed up strawberry in the fall

It is necessary to start fertilizing of strawberry when culture ceases to fructify or in three-four weeks before frosts. Observance of these terms of application of fertilizers will allow plants to fill shortage of substances and with firmness to transfer cold season. Besides, fall — time of underlay of flower kidneys of strawberry and if plants lack power supply, then the number of these kidneys will be minimum that will affect productivity of culture the next year.

As for fertilizing, before winter strawberry it is possible to feed up as organic fertilizers (mullein, chicken dung, dung water and we designate), mineral complex (nitrophoska, ammofosky or diammofosky), and the mixed structures.

Than to feed up strawberry in the fall after cutting

That strawberry bushes were quicker restored after cutting and could worry quietly winter, as fertilizing it is better to use complex fertilizers. The fact is that as a part of these fertilizers of substance are combined organically, and plants without effort fill the elements lacking them for normal development.

Only 30-50 grams to nitrophoska or ammofosk on square meter of bed are capable to satisfy completely strawberry bushes in nutrients till spring.

Than to feed up strawberry after change, landing

Usually landing and change of cultures happens in in advance prepared soil in which fertilizers were introduced previously. However if when redigging bed this procedure has been missed, then it is necessary to bring nutritious structures in hole when landing saplings, or to wait when plants take root on the new place then already and to water them with mixes, rich in microelements.

The following fertilizer is ideal for mortgaging in hole when landing strawberry: one kilogram of humus, 5 grams of chloride potassium and 10-15 grams of the superosfat (this number of structure is calculated on landing of one strawberry bush). For watering of the plants which have already taken root after landing it is possible to use self-made nutritious mixes, for example:

Mix No. 1

  • 10 liters of water;
  • 2 glasses of ashes;
  • 2 tablespoons of ammonia solution.

Mix No. 2

  • 10 liters of water;
  • glass of ashes;
  • 1 tsps of boric acid;
  • 5 tsps of iodine.

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