Than to feed up strawberry in the spring

Than to feed up strawberry in the spring

Strawberry - incredibly juicy and useful berry which with great pleasure goes both adults, and children. However that fruits of strawberry were tasty and large, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for plants, not to forget to feed up them in spring time before blossoming.

If you have planted strawberry a year ago and by preparation of bed introduced in it organic fertilizers, then in this case it is not necessary to feed up strawberry bushes in the spring: to plants will be enough nutrients which are already available in the soil.

Than to feed up strawberry in the spring: folk remedies

In most cases strawberry in three years almost completely exhausts the soil in which grows, and in this case the rich harvest can be expected only or at podkarmlivaniye of plants, or at their change on new beds. As fertilizing borrows less than forces and time, most of gardeners prefers it. If strawberry is more than three years old, then for good harvest she needs to be fed up three times:

- at emergence of the first leaflets;

- at emergence of buds;

- at ovary of berries.

The most favorable time for the first fertilizing - the middle end of April (depends on climatic zone). It is necessary to scavenge at first with beds: leaves, branches and other. Further around saplings (at the backs) to spread out manure, mullein or chicken dung very thin layer (that through fertilizing the earth was visible) then from above to fill up fertilizers with soil (soil height no more than couple of centimeters).

The second fertilizing needs to be carried out no later than the middle end of May as soon as the first flowers appear. For the second fertilizing use ashes and iodine: fill in glass of ashes with boiled water, filter and pour out the received liquid about bucket, the filled warm water (10 liters). Add to water of 30 drops of iodine and water each bush of strawberry of 500-700 ml of mix.

The third fertilizing as it was told above, it is necessary to carry out before ovary of berries. The best during this period is fertilizing in the form of infusion of weeds. It becomes as follows: weed beds, crush weeds and fill with them bucket. Fill in all with water and let's infuse week in the warm room. Filter mix, dilute with water 1:1 and water strawberry at the roots in calculation liter on bush. Some gardeners add to this fertilizing still yeast (200 grams on 10 liters of mix), however you should not do it. The fact is that you will not see special result on growth of berries from yeast, and here will make the soil of stony.

Than to feed up strawberry in the spring without chemistry

If you do not want to use purchased medicines as fertilizing, then use or chicken dung (it is desirable to use it only in the early spring), manure, mullein, or infusions of weeds which the nettle surely enters. To biennial bushes there is enough fertilizing in the form of ashes (glass of dry ashes at the roots of each bush), three-four-year need more abundant power supply: the humus mixed with sawdust, the crushed pine bark, compost, etc.

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