Than to feed up tomatoes after disembarkation in soil

Than to feed up tomatoes after disembarkation in soil

To receive good harvest tomato, it is necessary not only to land and water them, but also to feed up. At the same time it is important to know during what period of growth and than specific better to feed up culture to achieve success in assembly of harvest.

After your tomatoes have been landed in the open ground, it is necessary to give them time in order that they adapted to conditions, new to them. The first two weeks it is recommended not to feed up tomatoes anything at all, and after adaptation of fertilizing can be any depending on what you own and what total harvest you want to receive.

Nitrogen fertilizers - the most popular type of fertilizing for vegetable cultures. Are on sale in any gardening shop. But It should be noted that they stimulate growth of green material to the detriment of fructification. In fact you receive beautiful green bushes with very small quantity tomato on branches and therefore it is desirable to refrain from such fertilizing or not to be fond especially of it. For tomato it is better to take phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. So, ashes or sulfate of potassium very well will approach. It is important to know that chloride potassium is dangerous to tomatoes, chlorine in general affects this culture rather negatively.

Still the pine forest and magnesium will become good fertilizers. Pine forest during blossoming is not replaceable at all if to make by it fertilizing, then flowers and ovaries will not fall down. It is rather simple to process it: 1 gram of boric acid on 1 liter of water and to spray tomatoes 1-2 times. Besides, such solution promotes increase in sugar in fruits, so, your tomatoes will be more sweet and more tasty.

To tie of fruits any kinds of organic chemistry will also be suitable for fertilizing: bird's dung, mullein, weeds infusion (it is better if it is nettle). It is necessary to feed up moderately, after ovary of fruits it is better to stop such way, the tops of vegetable on kusa to you is already especially not important. During this period it is better to use such method: To fill in with 5 liters of boiled water 2 liters of ashes. The received solution it is good to stir and allow to cool down. To add in it 3 liters of water (in total amount 10 liters have to turn out), 10 grams of powder of boric acid and small bottle of iodine. to allow to infuse within a day, and then to dilute by 10 times. To make fertilizing, proceeding from proportion 1 liter of solution under 1 bush of tomatoes.

Remember that it is better to feed up nevertheless folk remedies, than chemical. Use compost, ashes, humus. Let there will be a little less fruits, but they will be tasty, sweet and not ""to give chemistry"", and will bring benefit for organism huge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team