Than to fertilize strawberry in the spring for the best harvest

Than to fertilize strawberry in the spring for the best harvest

That strawberry is more abundant fructified, and berries were large, it is necessary to indulge before blossoming of culture it with fertilizing. It is desirable to carry out the first fertilizing right after snow thawing.

In general, to receive annually from strawberry good harvest, she needs to be fed up four times a year: in the spring after snow thawing, at emergence of ovaries, after harvesting and in the fall one one or two weeks prior to the shelter. At the first fertilizing it is necessary to use medicines with prevalence of nitrogen (in the spring of plant have deficiency of this element, and without it green material of the berry-picker normally will not develop), at the second - complex fertilizers (for formation of ovaries and fructification the plant needs set of various elements), at the third and fourth - too complex (for forming of flower kidneys and also for reserve of nutrients for wintering).

Let's talk about the first two fertilizing which needs to be carried out in the spring and in the early summer. As it has been told above, right after snow thawing strawberry needs nitrogen therefore at this stage it is the best of all to feed up it urea. In bucket of water it is necessary to dissolve 15 grams of urea then to water each plant of 500 ml of solution. It is worth remembering that it is impossible to take the bigger volume of urea for fertilizing as it can negatively affect further tastes of berries.

As organic chemistry at this stage the bird's dung will approach. Solution for fertilizing is prepared as follows: in bucket of water 200 grams of dung are dissolved then weight infuses day two in the dark. This fertilizing can be used only for watering of row-spacings of strawberry.

It is possible to carry out the second fertilizing weeks later two-three after the first. In this case fertilizers can use complex, intended especially for strawberry, for example, Hera, Ryazanochka, ""Buysky fertilizers"" well have proved.

From organic chemistry mullein solution, only will approach not to do much harm to plants, it is necessary to prepare solution competently. First of all it is necessary to create concentrate - to fill in 1/4 buckets of mullein with water before full filling of bucket, to allow to infuse to structure of 3-5 days (it is necessary that there was uric acid). The ready concentrate before watering should be parted with water (solution liter on four pure liters). Two liters of concentrate are enough for watering of square meter of strawberry bed. 

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