Than to process plum from plant louse after blossoming when there are berries

Than to process plum from plant louse after blossoming when there are berries

Recently more and more gardeners on the sites prefer to grow up not only apples and cherry, but also set of other berries and fruit. Plum - the second most popular tree/bush which can be seen in gardens, and there is no wonder, its fruit incredibly tasty and useful.

If plum has already faded and on it there are berries, at this tree the plant louse attacked, then industrial chemical medicines it is better to refuse processing. In this case you will be sure that fruits will not absorb in themselves hazardous substances and as a result you will reap worthy crop of tasty and useful fruit. 

Many national recipes not bad cope with plant louse, have especially well proved infusions of tobacco and garlic, tops of vegetable of potatoes and tomatoes. These means will perfectly expel plant louse, however for a while that completely will get rid of these insects, it is necessary to destroy in kitchen garden of ants. Yes, ants, ants - ""owners"" of plant louse, they help absolutely young ""wards"" to move on trees (transfer them to more juicy young leaves), create shelters from bad weather, and in autumn time transfer to themselves to ant hill that the next spring again ""to walk"" them. What do ants need it for? Everything is simple, the plant louse exhausts juice from leaves, their small organisms acquire proteins, and allocate waste of sugar - sweet droplets which ants eat. Therefore if on draining there was plant louse, then accept package of measures. First, process trees one of infusions:

Garlic infusion. Take 100-150 grams of garlic gloves, chop them and fill in with ten liters of water. Let's infuse to steam of days, filter.

Tobacco infusion. Buy 100 grams of snuff tobacco, fill in it with five liters of water and let's infuse from three to five days. Filter.

Infusion from tops of vegetable and stepsons of tomatoes. And stepsons chop tops of vegetable, fill with them bucket and fill in with water (up to the top). Insist three days, filter.

Add a little liquid soap to one of the prepared infusions (tablespoon on five liters) and spray with it trees, trying to do not pass leaves, special attention having paid them to the lower part.

Secondly, after the above procedure make on ""trap belt"" plum. Wind trunk with normal film which width about 20 centimeters then cover it with solid oil. The majority of ants will not be able to make the way through obstacles, will stick and will die. In addition you can mix sugar with boric acid in equal proportions and scatter this ""forage for ants"" around plum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team