Than to warm penthouse from within: popular materials

Than to warm penthouse from within: popular materials

Warming of penthouse allows to expand living space of country house considerably. On such attic in the subsequent it is possible to equip the nursery, the bedroom or, for example, convenient office. In the winter on the isolated penthouse it will be warm, and in the summer — it is more or less cool. From within warming of penthouses can be carried out with use of different materials.

Most often warming of attics of country houses is made with use from within:

  • mineral wool;
  • polyfoam or expanded polystyrene;
  • ecocotton wool.

Also good answer to question of what to warm penthouse from within, polyurethane foam is. The choice of specific material depends as on financial opportunities of owners of country house, and construction features of the penthouse.

We warm the hands: mineral wool

This material for warming of penthouses from within by owners of country houses is used most often. The popularity of mineral wool first of all is explained by its excellent heatkeeping qualities and low cost. To all other, also it is simpler to mount such insulator, than any other of the list given above.

Actually mineral wool, in turn, is subdivided into three main versions:

  • slag wool;
  • basalt cotton wool;
  • glass wool.

Basalt cotton wool is made of basalt or any other stone breeds, similar to it. On heat conductivity this type of mineral heater concedes to two other types of cotton wool a little. But at the same time it is also the safest in respect of ecological purity.

Slag wool as it is already possible to judge by its name, is made of waste of domain production. This type of mineral heater differs in the maximum flexibility and therefore it is considered the most convenient in mounting. Slag wool, unlike other types of mineral wools, is, unfortunately, not too good answer to question of what to warm penthouse of owner-occupied dwelling. Because of the increased harm cotton wool of this version for isolation of enclosing structures of residential units is used pretty seldom. More often it is applied nevertheless to isolation of industrial premises.

Glass wool is the warmest kind of minvata. At cost at the same time it is comparable to basalt material. However use glass wool for warming of penthouses from within and outside rather seldom. The fact is that this material is pretty complex in mounting. At covering of penthouse glassy it is necessary to be careful and put on some old clothes which then should be thrown out, most likely.

The main lack of all types of mineral wools is that when heating they can emit very unhealthy substance of the person — fenolformaldegid. This component at production of the warming plates of such version is used as binding.

Heat conductivity of all types of mineral wool depends on their density. For warming of penthouse it is possible to choose both friable, and rather dense material. But it is worth meaning that in the latter case it will be simpler to mount vatu.

Than to warm penthouse from within: polyfoam and expanded polystyrene

Frothed sheet materials are also considered as pretty quite good and effective type of heater for penthouses. The main lack of polyfoam are its friable structure and fragility. Besides, unfortunately, mice very much like to gnaw this material, making in it the courses and slots. Therefore cheap polyfoam for warming of penthouses by owners of country houses is practically not used today. More often owners of residential units of small number of storeys apply to this purpose nevertheless more modern expanded polystyrene.

Expanded polystyrene cost, as well as mineral wool, depends on its density. In general the penthouse covering with use of such plates usually is to hosts a little more expensive, than at use of fibrous materials. But also heater expanded polystyrene though it is rather difficult to mount it, is more effective.

If to compare expanded polystyrene and mineral wool, then the first concedes to the last and in respect of fire safety. If in the house the oven heating is used — from within it is worth applying fire-resistant fibrous materials to warming of roof of its penthouse nevertheless.

What it is worth knowing about

Earlier was considered that foamy heaters in respect of ecology it is safer fibrous. However not so long ago in media there was information that plates of this version when heating can emit styrene. And this substance, in turn, is not just unhealthy, and even poisonous. Owners of country houses, of course, should consider this fact when choosing heater for penthouse which designs during the summer period can heat up very strongly.

We charge works to experts: ecocotton wool

Both mineral wool, and expanded polystyrene, thus, are heaters quite good. But under certain circumstances hazardous and dangerous substances are capable to emit both that and other material in air. To owners of country houses, not persons interested to risk the health, instead of such insulators it is worth using ecovatu. Heater of this version does not concede to minvata and frothed materials in respect of heat-insulating properties at all. Ecocotton wool is made of normal cellulose.

Harmless ecocotton wool, thus, is the answer to question of what to warm penthouse of country house from within quite good. However in the presence of the mass of advantages for this insulator, of course, are available including the shortcomings. First, this material costs pretty much. Secondly, to warm qualitatively penthouse with ecocotton wool use by the hands it will turn out hardly. Most likely, owners of country house should employ crew of professionals for this purpose. The fact is that mounting of ecocotton wool requires the special equipment. In certain cases owners of country houses can mount such cotton wool and independently — without use of special purpose tools (by stuffing under covering). But the procedure of warming of penthouse in this case becomes process, technology difficult and unfairly long on time.

Modern material: polyurethane foam

If warming of penthouse ecocotton wool use from within independently is still possible, then with use of polyurethane foam this procedure the hands cannot be made at all. Such material is heater just excellent. On the heatkeeping characteristics polyurethane foam exceeds all known modern materials. But it is possible to apply it on the isolated surface only by means of the special gun (stream under pressure). Therefore their owners only apply polyurethane to warming of penthouses when plan hiring of experts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team