Than to wash light table-top?

Than to wash light table-top?

Light table-tops enjoy wide popularity as they decorate kitchen, giving it expensive and stylish look. However many hostesses are afraid to get them because of the raised markost – the light stone is quickly soiled and it is quite difficult to remove some spots. Than it is possible to clean off the polluted surface of light table-tops?

Traditional ways of cleaning

Yellow spots on light table-top can be clarified for a start by means of such household means as Fairey or "Pemolux". After they turn pale, it is necessary to apply on spots "Domestos" or "Mr Muscle", however often it is undesirable to use them. Also soiled surface of light table-top can be washed normal soda. For this purpose it is necessary to wet slightly table-top, to fill soda on spots and to wipe it rigid sponge ten minutes later.

In kitchen it is more preferable to use natural cleaners as they do not contain chemistry – unlike household detersives.

Perfectly when cleaning light table-tops of complete kitchen has proved such means as Cilit BANG which needs to be applied on the polluted surface and to wash away in thirty minutes. It easily removes spots both from table-tops, and from gas-fires, shower cabins and other utensils. The only shortcomings of Cilit BANG is its expensive cost and the chemical composition – for the rest it quickly and effectively copes with the work. Also hostesses often get rid of spots on light table-tops by means of lemon, vinegar, salt or ammonia solution which are applied on the dirty site and are wiped with damp rag. However at the old eaten spots such ways will not yield noticeable results.

Original ways of cleaning of kitchen furniture

For cleaning and polish of table-tops with light surface it is possible to use unusual means. So, after washing it is possible to apply with traditional ways wax on them "extra-vergin" or "auto-gloss" which after drying need to be rubbed. They will well disguise minor defects or scratches on surface and also will help to remove various pollution and to prevent emergence of new.

For table-tops from black stone for the purpose of cleaning and polishing it is possible to use black shoe polish.

When using the means containing wax it is necessary to remember that the light stone can turn yellow from them. That it has not occurred, the remains of means need to be removed by means of special solution for removal of wax, to wash table-top with water with soap of neutral action then again to zapolirovat it. Also good effect can give also the aerosol means intended for wood cleaning as also are its part various wax. Also liquid for washing of glasses will help to get rid of spots and stains of various origin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team