That it is better: house or apartment?

That it is better: house or apartment?

Practically each person thinks of own housing, and one of the main questions which before it rises: what to choose, the house or the apartment of similar cost. There are many factors in advantage as one decision, and another and to make choice happen not easy.

Advantages of the well-planned apartment

Undoubted advantage of the well-planned apartment consists in her "civilization". Not only communications, electricity, the sewerage mean, but also the fact that around residential multifamily houses, as a rule, there is developed infrastructure: public transport, schools, kindergartens, shops. The apartment within the city has higher potential cost, than the house or cottage in the country, besides it can be leased.

Whatever comfortable and equipped the owner-occupied dwelling was, it all the same cannot compete with the apartment neither on safety, nor on convenience, nor on proximity to the city core. Besides, life in owner-occupied dwelling without at least one car on family (and it is better than two if spouses work in different areas) turns into the real test as the schedule of the movement of country public transport can be constructed with hour intervals, so, you should control the time tightly.

Arguments in favor of the house

As for accommodation pluses in the certain house, their quantity is not less at all. The owner-occupied dwelling is freedom from noisy or annoying neighbors, the big square in which it is possible to equip not only the obligatory bedroom, the living room and the nursery, but also guest rooms, office, workshop and even billiard room. In the city apartment, as a rule, it is necessary to be limited to at most three-four rooms.

If you love animals, then it is worth thinking of country house because to keep in the apartment large dog, for example, very not easy.

The ecological component plays not the last role as inhabitants of country house are saved from need constantly to breathe exhaust gas of city traffic jams. If the cottage settlement is located in the good place, then there is always opportunity to go on walk to the forest or on the lake, to organize picnic, having passed literally several hundreds of meters. Naturally, the distance from the house before work will be a little big, than in case with the apartment, however in the presence of the car it is not problem as the intensity of road traffic in the country is much less, and often will be spent for the road about the same time as though you reached from the apartment to the city.

Modern cottage settlements, as a rule, have not less developed infrastructure, than dormitory areas.

The choice of the house or apartment is decision which has to be based not only on the current state of affairs, but also on far prospects: of course, to the lonely young man will be enough and the small apartment, but with the advent of family of requirement will inevitably increase. Therefore, making any given decision, try to consider all possible factors including those which will arise in the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team