The acrylic table-top is how strong: pros and cons

The acrylic table-top is how strong: pros and cons

The acrylic table-top is simple in leaving and is not afraid of water. It is strong, the udarostoyka, easily is under repair. On it it is impossible to put hot ware, sharp objects can scratch it.

Acrylic stone – polymeric plastic material from which it is possible to create table-tops of any color and the size. Use of technology of seamless connection allows to make monolithic constructions of the set form. Surface of acrylic table-top smooth, position of joints of sheets are visually imperceptible. The shade depends on the chosen pigment, the color gamma is various.


1. Thanks to plasticity of material of table-top can be made any integral forms without visible seams of acrylic. The variety of forms, the sizes and flowers allows them to fit into any interior perfectly.

2. In artificial stone I am absent time therefore it is hygienic, the small remains of products easily are removed from its surface. It is possible to apply to leaving soap solution, means on the basis of chlorine, ammonia and alcohol.3. Acrylic table-tops distinguish crash-worthiness and hardness. Strong influence can lead to formation of dents and chips, but the product will not lose integrity. 4. The scratches, chips and other insignificant deformations spoiling exterior easily give in to restoration. For this purpose it is enough to polish or grind the damaged surface only. The crack or chip are filled with acrylic resin. Repair does not require dismantling of table-top, all works are performed directly in kitchen. Roughnesses and small cracks are eliminated by means of polishing paste and soft sponge.5. Products from acrylic moisture resistant, do not inflate from water. They are strong, it is very simple to look after them. 6. Thanks to high utilization properties, acrylic table-tops are durable. The minimum life cycle reaches 15 years, during this time exterior remains even if the product was exposed to repair. The drawing of acrylic table-top remains invariable as it is not surface. 7. The artificial stone has dense structure, on its surface there are no microcracks and time. Thanks to it, at the correct leaving the dangerous microorganisms do not linger on acrylic table-top.


1. For cutting of products it is necessary to use cutting board, acrylic table-tops are not suitable for this work. Sharp objects can scratch its surface.2. The acrylic stone does not maintain high temperature therefore to put on table-top hot pans and frying pans it is impossible. 3. The blow by heavy subject can lead to formation of chips and emergence of need under repair. Acrylic table-tops, as well as any other goods, have several shortcomings though advantages at them it is much bigger.

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