The alarm system for the apartment: how to put system

The alarm system for the apartment: how to put system

To save the apartment from robbers, armored door and the difficult lock can be insufficiently. Especially, if owners leave for long term. For penetration into the apartment the set of technical means, but also for protection of their room is invented much too. It is not difficult to establish intruder alarm, and unlike private security costs will be cheaper.

It is required to you

  • - paper;
  • - handle;
  • - siren;
  • - controller;
  • - wires;
  • - sensors for all boundaries of protection.


1. Think over possible options of penetration of the malefactor into the apartment. Represent the schematic plan of the room on paper. Note on it points of installation of sensors. It can be sensors acoustic, the movements magnetocontact for windows and doors. It is possible to install also the smoke detector in case of fire, operation of siren in that case will be not superfluous.

2. Choose the equipment installation site imperceptible for the expected robber. Install the controller and the accumulator in the middle of the room, far away from door and in out of zone of reach of foreign visitors. Establish siren at once near outer door that at operation it has deafened at once and has frightened the criminal, having forced it to recede, and has been in case of fire well heard by neighbors.

3. Decide on way and the place of fastening of cable. It is better to hide it in wall, having cut through grooves. If false ceilings are established, hide wiring under them. Have no cable of intruder alarm near other wires indoors - the distance between them less than twenty centimeters can cause hindrances and wrong operation of the alarm system. If repair is already made, make cable channel.

4. Make mounting of cable: connect each sensor to the controller wires. If the special cable is absent, use the twisted pair cable.

5. Study the instruction to the controller. Attentively study the section devoted to installation of system and the first connection. You will program the alarm system controller as it is specified in the instruction and establish settings.

6. After programming of the controller according to the instruction connect to it sensors and siren. Switch-off the controller and check operation in turn of each sensor. Test work of system.

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