The best councils for care for deciduous liana

The best councils for care for deciduous liana

Deciduous lianas – the real decoration of garden. Them it is possible to issue fence or wall of the house, to decorate gazebo or decorative partition. That lianas kept decorative effect as long as possible, it is necessary to choose correctly plants and to look after attentively them.

Deciduous liana: landing and leaving

In the conditions of midland it is possible to grow up various types of lianas. Various ivies, hop, clematises, maiden grapes, wistaria, kampsis treelike enjoy special popularity. Among lianas there are both dekorativnolistvenny, and krasivotsvetushchy options, they are perfectly combined with each other. For example, the hybrid large-flowered clematis against the background of wild grapes or ivy very effectively looks.

Main issue – providing reliable support for lianas. The fence, pergola, wall of the house or gazebo can become it. You should not put lianas with large flowers in close proximity to windows as they attract large number of insects. Kampsisa or clematises it is better to place in the center of garden or in local flower beds, using strong decorative arches as support. It is possible to land lianas near fence or trellised fencing. Expanding, flexible branches will create green hedge, dense, impenetrable for eyes.

Lianas prefer light fertile soil with high content of humus. On heavy clay soils the development of plants slows down. The plant will need deep hole with good layer of drainage (coarse sand or pebble). It is impossible to put lianas in boggy lowlands or places with high groundwater occurrance.

Fertilizing is necessary for plants for normal development. Complex fertilizer is introduced by 2-3 times during the season. Lianas regularly spray, preventing appearance of insects wreckers. Will save water solution of laundry soap from the plant louse menacing to juicy young escapes.

Useful tips on cultivation

Some types of thermophilic lianas need warming for the winter. In the Moscow region and regions with similar weather conditions of lash it is necessary to remove from lanes, to lay on the earth, to cover with fir twigs and polyethylene film.

Deciduous lianas need to be placed from South side, providing good lighting. It is especially important for the blossoming plants, in dense shadow they will not form buds. It is important to protect landings from biting wind. The fence, wall of the house or other construction will act as natural board.

It is better to make multiple copies treelike lianas shoots or shanks. They can be cut off from the developed uterine plant or to get in garden center. It is important to choose the plants adapted for specific climatic zone, the survival percent at them is much higher.

Wood lianas with powerful roots cannot be landed closely to house wall. Expanding, they are capable to spoil the base. Fast-growing types of type of wistaria need timely hairstyle, otherwise powerful branches will damage roof. Cutting is carried out in the fall, deleting the died-off escapes and accurately forming krone.

It is necessary to water lianas moderately, but in especially droughty days and during blossoming the intensity of watering is enhanced. For preservation of normal level of humidity it is possible to plant pochvopokrovny plants or undersized bushes nearby. They not only will prevent soil overdrying, but also will hide not too decorative lower part of liana.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team