The best grades of inexpensive high-yielding cucumbers of F1

The best grades of inexpensive high-yielding cucumbers of F1

Dreams of that from 10-15 lianas of cucumber to reap crop buckets will become reality if you put hybrids of beam type. Then, having sowed seeds part of the greenhouse, you will be able not only to regale all summer on juicy crispy zelenets, but also to preserve them for the future.

Grades of cucumbers the self-pollinated F1 are good the fact that they even in difficult conditions of growth yield the guaranteed harvest. But if you want to collect from them seeds, new plants will not have such properties as maternal.

Choosing grades of cucumbers for greenhouses, pay attention to partenokarpichesky hybrids of female type of blossoming. For pollination of these plants bees are not necessary – fruits are tied. It is still important that the hybrid had buketny underlay of ovaries. Then in one interstice about 10 fruits will be able to be created! Collecting daily or 2 times a week the grown-up zelenets, you will give the chance to be formed by the following. During the season the fructification will be continuous.

The only thing that can stop the gardener, quite high price of such seeds of cucumbers. Therefore inexpensive cucumbers (best grades) with buketny underlay of ovaries, it will be provided below:

- "Daisy". Hybrid the early ripening, first crop is reaped in 45 days after emergence of shoots. In one knot 4-5 fruits are formed.

- "Marvelous miracle" – superearly ripening hybrid, the first fruits you will be able to try in 40 days from the moment of germination of seed. In one knot 4-5 zelenets are also formed.

- "Cheerful friends" – very early hybrid with 2-4 ovaries in one knot. All this early grades of cucumbers.

- Mumu forms to six fruits in one interstice. Enters mass fructification in 1.5 months after emergence of shoots.

- "Second lieutenant" too highly productive hybrid of beam type.

- "Picnic" will surprise with eight-ten ovaries located in one knot of the main escape. Early ripening hybrid, very fruitful.

All provided cucumbers for salting, pickling are ideal. They have good and relative mealy dew resistance, to virus of cucumber mosaic.

Having put these grades of cucumbers of f1, you will provide with harvest the family not only during fructification season, but also till harvest of the next year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team