The best ideas of zoning of the room

The best ideas of zoning of the room

Zoning of space – one of the important principles of interior design when it is necessary to allocate indoors certain functional sites. And at the same time there is no desire to resort to such global actions as re-planning or major repair. Ways of zoning is thought up by designers much. And many of them find broad practical application.

Zoning of the room by means of constructive partitions

Such way of division of the room into parts is very popular. It is possible to define by the arch or freely standing design easily zones and to separate the room into two or three almost certain rooms. Or, on the contrary, if that is demanded by interior design idea, only slightly to designate functional sites.

Constructive partitions seldom are deaf and massive. Most often in them there is additional illumination, niches or through apertures serving as regiments for books, flowers and different interior accessories. Besides, in such partition it is possible to build in fireplace or aquarium that will give to the room additional cosiness and originality.

Easy, translucent false-partitions and curtains threads stand a little alone. False-partitions most often use in such styles of interior as "loft" or in studio apartments. And curtains threads perfectly are suitable for style hi-tech.

Zoning of the room by means of podium

The podium in the room can solve several practical problems at once. First, to allocate separate functional zone indoors, secondly, to be used as the place for storage of things, thirdly, to contain in itself and to mask in the afternoon berth. Height of podium can vary from the 5-7th up to 1 meter high (then steps are necessary). Such choice is caused by assignment of podium and height of ceilings in the room. Especially well the podium fits into the children's room. On it it is possible to establish the educational place, and in design to hide bed. Also perfectly high podiums in small bedrooms when the podium is berth look, and under it boxes for storage of bedding and clothes successfully are located. "The winter garden" about window part of the room can also be allocated with podium and to make LED illumination of steps. Same concerns also the eminence in the nursery. Such special effect will give additional light in room interior.

Besides, such illumination will designate edges of ladder that will make rise and descent safer in the evening.

Zoning of the room by means of furniture

Furniture can become excellent divider of functional zones of the room. Such objects as rack, sofa, bar counter very often act as space delimiters, separating recreation area from the dining room, office from the living room, etc. One of the most convenient pieces of furniture for zoning is the rack. There is a lot of versions – narrow, wide, high, low. With the closed and open regiments.

The rack not only will separate the room into two compartments, but also will create extra space for storage of things.

The low rack at the same time can serve as both the shelf, and desk, and box for storage. On it it is possible to put additional lighting instrument, the computer and so forth. The high option will practically replace to you room partition with that difference that the rack at any time can be moved easily to other place. The bar counter became in the last decades usual piece of furniture in the apartment. With its help it is very convenient to differentiate room space on kitchen zone and the living room or the dining room. It successfully defines borders of zones and at the same time is the place for meal and storage of kitchen utensils and some products.

Zoning by means of color

Color in interior plays big and various role. With its help it is possible to break space of the placement on separate thematic zones – rest and work, children's and adult, the bedroom and the living room. Or to emphasize separate fragments of the room – zone of sofa and viewing TV, corner for reading, dream and so forth. In this case it is the best of all to use several options of design of wall-paper or painting which is harmoniously combined them among themselves on color and texture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team