The best plants for garden reservoir

The best plants for garden reservoir

Beauty of reservoir is emphasized by harmonious combination of plants. Correctly to make composition, it is possible to use the recommendations of the choice and the description of popular plants.

At registration of coastal zone it is necessary to consider some rules:

  • plants have to be combined by the size
  • to create together ideal composition
  • to keep decorative effect from spring to fall
  • it is better to plant unpretentious plants in leaving

1. Registration of edge of pond. There are enough 3-4 plants, small by size, such as strelolist, buttercup, but it is possible to plant plants higher, them there have to be 2 or 3 look. For example: reed-mace, iris, bergenia.

Marsh iris – one of the most effective plants of family of iris family. Quickly forms groups of magnificent greens. During blossoming gives solar color to reservoir. On stalks in 90 cm about 15 joyful yellow flowers blossom in May. Leaves green till the fall.

The Strelolist strelolistny has unusual decorative appearance which to it is given by leaves. At the end of July on trihedral stalks white, pink or violet flowers blossom. Unpretentious in leaving, the strelolist well grows near water and gives naturalness to landscape. For background choose beautiful high plant reed-mace which is used for big reservoirs, in small land small groups. Reed-mace flowers are known to all - it is dense velvet ears of dark brown color. The plant perfectly is suitable for landscape reservoir.2. Zone of shallow water or swamp. To this place plant 1 or 2 plants (kluzhniyets marsh, calla) on depth of 15 cm. Kalla marsh or calla – surprising exotic plant. Brilliant leaves, dark green in the form of heart, are pleasing to the eye. White inflorescences appear at the end of May and give to reservoir romantic mood. At the end of summer on their place, bright red fruits appear. Flowers use for bouquets, and they symbolize purity and youth. It is better to land callas in container that in the fall to transfer to warmer place.3. Zone of water-lilies. This place for planting of floating plants. The water hyacinth, pistiya, nimfe belong to them. They are very useful plants because are natural cleaners of water. The charm to reservoir will be given by water-lilies or nimfe. The gentle white flowers freely floating are known to all for water. High-quality plants have various color: pink, yellow, crimson. They will create to landscape easy nostalgic spirit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team