The checked way of cultivation of healthy seedling of tomatoes

The checked way of cultivation of healthy seedling of tomatoes

Basis of good harvest is correctly grown up seedling.


1. With approach of the first spring days the fans of vegetable growers, especially at beginners, have many questions of seedling of tomatoes. And the first of questions – to buy or grow up itself planting stock. Unambiguously I advise to grow up seedling. And reasons set: – not always can sell you that grade which you wish; - the quality of seedling recedes from desirable result too; - seedling quite often happens pale shade, and stalk to big interstices that is characteristic of the weak, extended seedling; - availability of the latent diseases. To grow up healthy seedling, observing agrotechnical receptions, simply.

2. The important value at cultivation of good harvest is the choice of seeds. Tomatoes on the high-quality classification divide into determinant – limited point of growth, and indeterminantny – without restrictions of growth processes they I can reach two-meter height. Further choosing hybrids with mark of "F1" it is considered that further collecting seeds is impossible and processing of seeds before crops is not required. There are still author's seeds, for these seeds is possible to carry out selection of seed material and also processing of seeds before crops depending on the instruction on package. Before crops we carry out disinfecting of seeds, retting for 2 hours in solution of "Zircon" (2 drops on 1 glass of water). Or in aloe juice, or in 2-3% solution of ashes lasting soaking of 3 hours. After processing the seeds distribute on the wet towel wipes enclosed in low container and covered with cellophane, for prorashchivaniye. The temperature condition of keeping of seeds for germination should not go down lower than 22 degrees. After emergence of the first sprouts the seeds sow in the prepared soil.

3. Soil for landing of seedling is prepared from equal parts of peat, humus and the cespitose earth. Peat possesses sour reaction and in order to avoid troubles, we add wood ashes to mix. Tomatoes at early stage of vegetation demand the raised doses of phosphoric power supply. On bucket of soil mix pour superphosphate tablespoon. It is possible to add a little bank sand as natural baking powder of soil. The prepared soil soil is disinfected warming up in oven of 20-25 minutes at temperature of 180 degrees. Heated-up soil mix is carefully spilled by water and we allow to have a rest approximately day.

4. We fill with soil soil container with drainage holes not lower than 4-5 centimeters high and it is abundant it is spilled by warm water with the potassium permanganate dissolved in it. Crops of seeds of tomatoes 1 centimeter from each other, on depth of 5 millimeters and with distance between borozdochka 3-4 centimeters is carried out to small borozdochka at distance. Superficial seal of seeds promotes carrying out on surface of seed cover, it on is desirable. Evenly we fill up crops and a little we condense for the best linking of seeds with the soil. We cover container with the sowed seeds polyethylene and we contain in the warm place where we will expect shoots. After emergence of first "eyelets" the container is exposed to lighter place and lowering temperature to 16-18 degrees in the afternoon and we provide illumination of 14 hours in day 14-16 night. At early stage of vegetation of fertilizing are not required. To carry out watering once in 10 days after dehumidification of the soil. From the moment of formation of 2-3 real leaflets seedling we dive it (is transplanted) in pots of 250 milliliters in size. We transplant in glasses, trying to bury on half of subcotyledonous knee (do not damage cotyledonous leaflets). In 12 days seedling feed up nutritious solution (on 10 liters of water 1 tablespoon of nitroammofoska). In 20-22 days seedling is transplanted from small glasses in larger, of 1 liter. This way does not allow to rot to roots at early stage of development because of not full utilization of moisture in pots. In small glasses the root system as moisture is not late develops better and air circulation improves. At change at once in big pot the plant is extended and "grows fat" having the big mass of soil soil and according to power supply, the root system develops slowly the investigation of the fact that there is souring of soil and the shortage of oxygen in the soil. And then, replacing seedling at first in small pot, we provoke plant to its fast development for return of fruit, and having the small volume of soil, the plant understands what to increase green weight there is nothing and therefore hurries with vegetation intervals. Here so we can deceive plant and provoke it to early return of harvest. In 15 days after change we carry out fertilizing, combining with watering. In April we temper seedling, exposing in warm days on balcony or opening window. The first flower ovaries need to be kept, for this purpose in 4-5 days prior to planting of seedling to the constant place we spray with boric solution (on 1 liter of water of 1 grams of boric acid) or Epin solution.

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