The choice of model of the pump of water for well

The choice of model of the pump of water for well

By means of the pump it is possible to provide your country house and the site with uninterrupted water supply. There are various types of pumps, the choice of specific model depends first of all on well parameters and also on pressure necessary for you and water flow.

Correctly to choose the pump for well, it is necessary to know well output, that is how many water he is capable to give in unit of time and also dynamic height of water in well, that is distance from surface to water mirror at the switched-on pump. Usually the output of wells is small therefore for them powerful pumps are seldom used. The pressure which has to provide the pump for water raising on surface depends on dynamic height of water.

Pumps can be separated into two views - submersible and poverkhnosty, for wells it is possible to use both those, and others.

Submersible pumps for well

Submersible pumps use in case water is deeply. These pumps completely plunge into water during the work, thus they are cooled by means of the water.

For wells it is possible to use borehole submersible pumps, but it is better not to do it as in well water more garbage is normal, than in borehole therefore models of pumps for wells have weaker filters and can break easily, besides, borehole pumps can have high power, the normal well will not be able just to provide the pump with enough water.

You should not choose the vibration submersible pump, it quickly zapeskut well.

As wells are wide, requirements for dimensions are not imposed to well submersible pumps therefore there is opportunity to make the pump with big cylinder which spends energy more effectively and has simpler and reliable design, than the borehole pump. The submersible pump for well is rather universal, in need of it it is possible to establish for water intake from reservoir or artificial capacity.

Superficial pumps for well

Superficial pumps do not plunge into water during the work. They can be used only for small wells, from deep they will not be able to lift water. Superficial pumps if necessary are equipped with automatic equipment which allows to regulate pressure. Installation of the hydroaccumulator which does pipeline pressure to constants allows to turn the superficial pump into the real pumping station. Superficial pumps are cheaper submersible, besides, they simpler in management and service as to them there is always simple access.

Necessary pressure

Whatever type of the pump you have chosen, it has to provide the required pressure which consists of the pressure necessary for water raising on surface, the pressure demanded for additional raising of water to the topmost point of the house and of the pressure necessary for overcoming hydraulic resistance of pipes. In the specification of the pump the size of pressure which he is capable to provide will be surely specified, according to these data and it is necessary to select specific model.

For wells it is desirable to choose models of pumps with the system of automatic shutdown, such system will not allow the pump to overheat if the height of water falls below allowable limit.

Before buying the pump, esteem about the chosen model at specialized forums.

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