The choice of the submersible pump for wells

The choice of the submersible pump for wells

Owners of seasonal dachas and country houses well know how it is important to provide them with all necessary communications and, first of all, water. If on your site there is well, the problem of autonomous water supply can be solved with the help of the submersible pump easily.

Design features of well submersible pumps

The pumps installed in wells are external and submersible. External, less powerful, are used if the well is not further, than 10 m from the house and need of family for water is not really big. In most cases owners of sites prefer to install submersible pumps which make less noise in wells and are capable to become full-fledged part of water supply system of the house and site even at heavy loads.

On design and the principle of work the submersible pumps are vibration and centrifugal. Vibration it is reasonable to establish not less than in 1 meter from bottom of well or where there are no silt and sand. Centrifugal pumps are more popular as they during operating time not so strongly mix water layers at well bottom. The blades they pump up water thanks to centrifugal force.

At the bottom of well in which the submersible pump is installed there has to be pillow from gravel protecting water from zamutneniye.

All centrifugal submersible pumps consist of the asynchronous engine, the start-protective relay and the system of the blades installed in the strong anticorrosive body. The water intaking openings protected by filters from hit of large particles can be from below, from sides or above.

How to choose the well submersible pump

It is necessary to buy the submersible pump, knowing characteristics necessary for you – the performance and pressure. Performance has to be sufficient to provide your family and vegetation on the site with water. Expect the daily need for water, that on each person about 200 l of water a day are required, and on watering of 1 sq.m of lawn 4-6 l, depending on weather patterns are necessary. Correctly to define necessary pressure, add to vertical distance between the pump and the topmost point of water supply the horizontal distance between them increased by coefficient of 0.2 and 15 more units for emergency. Choosing the pump, pay attention to availability of the float-otklyuchatelya protecting the pump from breakage if the height of water in well becomes lower, than water intaking openings of the pump. It is better if they are located from above or from sides – at low height of water less silt will get to them.

Submersible pumps are one - and multi-stage. The more steps, the performance is higher.

Before buying the submersible pump, get acquainted with responses of consumers which can be found at forums in the Internet. If to choose from what is offered by domestic manufacturers the greatest number of positive reviews such brands as "Kid", "Streamlet", "Aquarius" have deserved. At rather low cost these pumps are reliable and durable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team