The choice of wood for construction of residential building

The choice of wood for construction of residential building

Construction of comfortable housing begins with right choice of material that is especially important at construction of wooden residential buildings. At right choice of building materials and competently picked up technology of construction the construction will be able to serve rather long time without major repair.

The majority of the building materials made of tree have the good durability and small weight. Walls of the house built from wooden materials have to be strong, suitable for long operation, with reliable sound insulation. In the house there has to be opportunity to maintain temperature, suitable for comfortable stay. But the tree has also shortcomings: instability to ignitions, shrinkage, danger of deformation which can be shown in the first years after building.

As timbered buildings erect now very much and very seldom, it makes sense to consider the possibility of construction of the house from bar. Materials can be bought as on cubic meters, and already ready to build the house. In this case bars will be already cut under the customer's sizes. The house can be put like the designer.

By independent preparation of materials it is necessary to show consideration for condition of wood. In it there should not be through cracks, damages by bark beetles or other bugs. Logs should be cut as it is possible more exactly, and material to process special antiseptic structures.

Before ordering bar for construction of the house, it is necessary to decide not only on its quantity. Depending on weather conditions of the place of building it is necessary to define on what wood of breed to turn attention maximum.

The possibility of fine finish of the house built from bar has to be considered, the cost of delivery of material to the site is calculated. For example, the cost of delivery of the pro-thinned-out bar to which the cost of the material is added can be much more expensive than if to order delivery of the raw bar from the nearest sawmill. Certainly, in this case it will be required to carry out in addition wood processing by the chemical compositions protecting bar from rotting and appearance of insects. But even in this case material can cost many times cheaper.

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