The everyday cunnings useful in life

The everyday cunnings useful in life

Sometimes there are life situations when it is necessary to use objects not for the direct designated purpose. Soon, acquaintances can give some advice as useful.

It would seem, such trifle – toothpicks. But they help the hostess to solve set of minor problems. The zealous hostess always has them near at hand. It is possible to fasten with toothpicks edges of meat rolls, to check whether propeksya pie, to make small sandwiches canapes with their help. Each hostess knows about such use of toothpicks, but the most creative use them at least in two cases.

If to thrust in potato four toothpicks so that it on them stood, as on legs, then in the microwave potato will bake twice quicker because waves have opportunity evenly to warm up tuber from all directions. And, at last, the toothpick subput under pan cover will give vent to steam, and contents of pan will not escape when boiling. At the same time the shchelochka will be so small that boiling time will practically not change. If you like to bake products in heat resisting container with lid in oven, under cover it is possible to palm off toothpick too, it will accelerate preparation process.

Toothpaste helps to make snow-white not only teeth. If you have found on blouse, dress or shirt of spot from lipstick or someone from guests, having forgotten, has wiped lips about snow-white fabric napkin, then apply small amount of toothpaste on spot, with force rub fabric and wash away water. If the spot was not wiped from the first, repeat the procedure.

If on kitchen table there were spots from the spilled tea or coffee, and the cleaning agent in the house has ended, it is possible to rub these staining toothpaste, to leave for 5 minutes, then to wipe with damp sponge.

Hair conditioner will help also your footwear. Winter slush from snow, waters, salt and chemicals very quickly spoils footwear. To prolong it life, before exit to the street grease boots or boots with hair conditioner. Its structure is picked up so that to envelop filaments the thinnest film. Same, protecting from harmful effects, the film is formed also on footwear. Skin and hair are similar in structure, so hair conditioner can look after skin also. Even if shoe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team