The filter for water: how it is correct to choose

The filter for water: how it is correct to choose

Thanks to the qualities, polyfoam gains the increasing popularity. It is applied in many designs. The way of fastening depends on its properties which are defined by the brand. This concept is meant as density and rigidity of material. These indicators define loadings which the foam covering can sustain.

It is required to you

  • - Polyfoam;
  • - glue;
  • - perforator;
  • - plastic dowel;
  • - perforated corner.


1. Polyfoam it is possible to fix on any gluing structure. For this purpose frost-resistant front kleyushchy means, liquid nails, mixes are suitable for tile. But better choose special structure for expanded polystyrene.

2. It is possible to glue polyfoam practically to any surface: concrete, brick, wood structures. First of all, prepare the basis for material fastening. Clean walls from solution and other pollution reducing adhesion. If there are defects of the plane, zashtukaturta facade. Use for this purpose cement slurry. Apply primer of deep penetration on the basis. Wait when the wall dries out.

3. In bottom edge of the first row of polyfoam establish horizontally starting profile. Fix it by dowels through each 30 centimeters. Distance between the next products maintain 2-3 millimeters. It will allow to avoid deformations, in consequence of thermal expansion.

4. Paste sheets of polyfoam to facade in chessboard order horizontally, from below up. Such way will give bandaging of vertical joints. On corners make toothed gearing of plates. On the first row apply glue with retreat on width of starting profile. Remove surplus of glue from facade of wall and the surface of the pasted material. The glue structure has to cover not to exchange 40 percent of the area. Do not allow formation of air locks.

5. When mounting, densely press polyfoam plates to each other. Avoid hit of the gluing weight in joints. Close up seams sealant or frost-resistant polyurethane foam. It will allow to eliminate formation of bridges of cold. In places of door and window openings you fix the whole sheets, with the cut fragments.

6. The perforator drill opening in wall and hammer plastic dowel. The hat of fixing material has to be aflush with surface of sheet of polyfoam. Define the number of fixtures on one plate depending on floor-to-ceiling height and wind load.

7. Strengthen door and window openings perforated angle units. On performance of fastening of polyfoam start drawing decorative protective layer of wall surface.

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