The flowers seeds sprouting on light

The flowers seeds sprouting on light

The majority of seeds of flower cultures sprouts in the dark, at certain depth in the soil. But there are also such plants for which light is necessary for emergence of sprouts.

Here seeds of flower plants which ascend on light, the soils seeded on surface.

Ageratum. Semyon, reminding the look cylinders, about 1 mm long, ascend at moderate temperature 16-22os. Shoots appear for 7-10 day. The grown-up seedlings dive 2-3 weeks later, maintaining distance between them as seedling will expand in breadth.

Balsam. Shoots appear week later at temperature 20-25os. The Obilnotsvetushchy plant with the huge choice of terry, single grades of various coloring. Seedlings should be protected from overcooling and excessive moistening of the soil. Needs protection against ""black leg"".

Begonia. Seeds happen both in granules, and in normal look. The granulated seeds demand the increased humidity, need small sprayings by water with small spray, otherwise granules will long ascend. Seedlings appear at temperature from 20 to 24 wasps within 10-15 days. In avoidance of ""black leg"" the land should be cultivated previously fitosporiny or weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Brovaliya. The charming perennial which is grown up at us in one-year culture in garden. Seeds sprout within one-two weeks at moderate temperatures 18-20os. Dive seedlings as well as lobelia, small bunches.

Koleus. The Krasivolistvenny, hardy, unpretentious plant for the house, garden. Seeds ascend without problems. Seedlings and adult plants do not love overwetting of the soil.

Geranium. Universal plant. It is loved by both professionals, and amateur flower growers. In order to avoid ""sores"" it is necessary to cultivate carefully before crops the land fungicides. Seedling prefers to grow at moderate temperatures about 20 wasps and does not transfer ""modulations"".

Gatsaniya. This African beauty has surprising drought resistance and is very photophilous. Does not transfer overwetting. Seeds begin to ascend for 10-15 day.

Lobelia. Seeds begin to ascend week later at 22-25os. It is convenient to sow seeds on the snow put on the soil. Seedlings very slowly grow and will transfer drier soil, than modulation. It is better to hold sword-play by bunches on several plants.

Osteospermum. Seeds differ in good viability and quite large size. Crops and development of seedlings are more preferable at moderate temperatures from 18-20os. Shoots appear within week.

Petunia. One of the most popular plants today. Seeds begin to ascend within one-two weeks. Shoots are afraid of overwetting. The sword-play is obligatory.

Portulak. Seedlings appear week later at temperature from 20 wasps and above. At dive they should be seated far away from each other as they expand in breadth.

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